Dying Light 2: Undying Affection Office Safe Code

Wait, what was the code again?

by Noah Nelson


Dying Light 2 is riddled with interesting quests and one of them is Undying Affection. You can get this quest from Charolette in Downtown, but you already knew that. The rewards for this quest are one UV bar and 3000 parkour XP, so it’s definitely not one to miss. At the beginning of the quest, Charolette will task you will retrieve some of her things at her office. She will also tell you the code for the office safe, which is easy to forget.

Dying Light Undying Affection Code

One of the hardest parts of this quest is paragliding in through the open window. You may want to level up your paraglider for this mission. To do that, you’ll need military tech. Once you feel like you’re ready, get to a parallel roof, paraglide off of it, ride the wind currents, and make it through the open window.

Once you are inside, the office will be up and to your left. Climb up there to find the safe. Once you have interacted with the safe, you’ll receive a couple of choices. Here is the combination you’ll need to open the safe in Dying Light 2’s Undying Affection quest:

  1. Twice to the right
  2. Once to the left
  3. Once to the right
  4. Open

If for any reason you mess it up, don’t worry. Before pressing open as the last step, you can choose to reset it and try again. Inside the safe will be a letter and a bracelet. Return both of those things to Charolette to complete the quest. While the code in Undying Affection in Dying Light 2 is tricky to remember, there are more safes and therefore more codes throughout the world hiding precious goods.

There is so much to discover in Dying Light 2. With hundreds of quests, daytime activities like military airdrops, nighttime activities like GRE Anomalies, and so much more, you’ll need a helping hand to guide you through this crazy world. Yes, Undying Affection isn’t that challenging of a quest, but there are many other quests that will give you a run for your money.

For more guides on all things Dying Light 2, do yourself a favor and check out our Dying Light 2 guides page. Whether you use them now or bookmark some guides for later, we’ve got your back.

Dying Light 2 is out now for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, and PC. A Nintendo Switch version of the game will be released later this year.

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