Dying Light 2 x Payday Event: All Rewards and Items

Are you wondering what the rewards are for the Dying Light 2 Payday event?

by Gordon Bicker
Image from Dying Light 2 trailer in collaboration with Payday which shows a red diamond at the front of an image then a human in the background with a Payday mask on.
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Dying Light 2 has a dedicated following of eager Infected survivors to this very day and a new Payday event will likely bring many back to the game to give it a shot. However, there will no doubt need to be a good reason to hop back in and that is where the rewards come into play. This article will take you through each Payday event reward for Dying Light 2.

Every Dying Light 2 Payday Event Reward

There isn’t just one set of rewards for the event, instead, they are split up into different sections including a community (Global) section which I think has been a brilliant idea that previous events have utilized. By taking part in all that the event has to offer, you will be able to snag a total of four rewards but one of these is a craftable weapon blueprint meaning you can create it over and over.

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Participation Goal | Tasks and Rewards

The very first goal that you will complete by yourself is going to be the “Participation Goal”. This is because you will only have to collect one red diamond to unlock the reward. You will get the “Nightrunner Safety Pack” as a reward for the first goal which effectively looks like purple-wired glowsticks.

You can get Red Diamonds by finding them in Dark Hollows and the Forsaken Stores across the map. Along with this, you can also get some from the Infected/zombies that are wearing Payday-style masks. I would recommend bringing along a great set of weapons for your hunt.

Warm-Up Goal | Tasks and Rewards

For the warm-up goal, you will need to simply collect 40 of the Red Diamonds but for your efforts, you will get what I consider to be one of the better rewards. The offering for this section is the “Dallas Mask” artifact — make sure to also claim the rewards that you earn via the official website.

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Personal Goal | Tasks and Rewards

The Personal Goal requires more work as you will have to gather up 150 Red Diamonds but you will get an incredibly humorous weapon in return. It is a stack of money that you can utilize against enemies and it isn’t just the Money Bundle weapon you get as a reward but also its blueprint — you can craft it until your heart’s content. JIGSAW2.0 posted a video on YouTube of the weapon in action as it is whacked against the Infected if you’re curious about how it looks in the game.

Global Goal | Tasks and Rewards

This is the community section of tasks and rewards for everyone to complete. As a community, you will all have to gather up 11,000,000 red diamonds which may seem like a lot but as of the time of writing the total collected is currently at over 2 million already. After the task is completed, you can claim the reward of 25 Pilgrim Tokens which can be used for buying unique equipment/gear.

Is the Payday 2 Bundle Worth It?

Along with the event happening, a new bundle also has arrived for players who want to spend Dying Light points (bought mostly through real cash) on it. The Payday 2 bundle will be worth it if you are a heavy fan of Dying Light 2/Payday (or just like the look of the outfit) otherwise I personally wouldn’t recommend the purchase of this bundle. It contains all of the following.

  • Payday Gang Outfit
  • Money Bundle (weapon) and Blueprint
  • The Change
  • Payday Paraglider

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You will obtain the Money Bundle weapon and blueprint through the Personal Goal reward so in reality you only are getting three items if you have completed the Personal Goal task. It should also be noted that “The Change” is a weapon charm that increases weapon durability so this is one of the best offerings from the bundle.

No matter what you decide upon for the bundle decision, the Payday event is highly worth checking out, so go and get back into the Infected slaying!

- This article was updated on September 8th, 2023

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