Dying Light 2 Length: How Long to Beat Dying Light 2?

Depending on your commitment, here is how long it would take to beat Techland's new game.

by Elliott Gatica


Dying Light 2 is a game that really allows players to put in what they want into it. If you’re looking for a story, an open world to sink hours into questing and parkouring, or a long investment for a completionist route, the number of hours put is variable. There have been controversies about the game’s length, which was highly misconstrued by people planning on playing the game. So here, we’ll answer how long it would take to beat Dying Light 2.

How long does it take to beat Dying Light 2?

To beat Dying Light 2, it’ll take somewhere between, at the minimum, 20 hours to complete. Techland said it would take upwards of 500 hours if you do everything and collect everything the game has to offer, so let’s get into the numbers.

20 Hours (Story)

The main story of Dying Light would take roughly 20 hours if you stick almost exclusively to the narrative and minimal side questing. The quest XP you earn will give you enough to be able to spec into the skill trees. This time is also dependent on your skill level and difficulty you choose.

100+ Hours (Sidequests + Platinum Trophy)

If you’re looking to complete most or all the side objectives and the main story, you’re looking at over 100 hours easily. There’s so much to explore, so much XP to grind for, and dialogue choices to choose from. At some point, your map will have so many more check marks and you will be very overpowered against the zombies.

500+ Hours (Completionist)

This is the time it would take at the minimum if you want to get all the Immunity Boosters, upgrade all your blueprints, and talk to just about everyone across every region. This isn’t required if you’re mostly a story person, this is just an option for people who want a good game to sink their time into.

Dying Light 2 is out now for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, and PC.

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