Easy Method to Hunt 10 Wildlife in a Single Match in Fortnite

Here's an easy and quick way to farm wildlife in Fortnite!

by Michelle Cornelia
Easy Method to Hunt 10 Wildlife in a Single Match in Fortnite

Are you looking for an easy method to hunt 10 wildlife in a single match to complete one of the latest weekly challenges in Fortnite? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Hunting wildlife is an essential part of the game, which can give you a boost in both XP and resources. However, given that every animal has different characteristics and spawn locations, it can be challenging to find and hunt 10 of them in a single match. This guide will show you the most effective way to hunt multiple wildlife in Fortnite.

Easy Method to Hunt 10 Wildlife in a Single Match in Fortnite

The first step to hunting wildlife in Fortnite is to use the right weapons. The Twin Mag SMG and the Assault Rifle are the best weapons for hunting wildlife. Both guns possess a high amount of damage per shot that can be used to hunt animals quickly. So, make sure to always have one of these two weapons in your inventory when hunting.

Once you have the right weapons, you will need to find where the wildlife is located. One of the best places with abundant wildlife is Anvil Square. During our playthrough, we saw many boars spawn in this area, making it the perfect place to complete this quest. Alternatively, you can also visit the river near The Citadel, which is a hot spot for frogs.


Upon arriving in an area with a lot of wildlife, the next step is to start hunting. For this, you’ll want to focus on one type of animal at a time, such as boars, chickens, or frogs. This will make it easier to kill multiple of the same kind of animal in a single match, as they’re usually close to each other within the same area. To make things easier, make sure that you turn on visual sound effects in Fortnite, so you can see their footsteps and anticipate where they’re coming from.

When you are close to an animal, you will want to wait until they’re standing still to make it easy for you to line up the sight of your weapon and fire. Generally, you’ll need to land around three direct hits to take down an animal. Of course, this ultimately depends on the rarity of your weapon. The higher it is, the faster you’ll be able to take them down.

Remember that some animals, such as frogs and chickens, will run away after you fire the first shot, so you may need to chase them down. Meanwhile, more aggressive animals, such as boars, will usually charge and attack you when shot. So, adjust your approach based on the animal you’re hunting. Good luck, and happy hunting!

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- This article was updated on December 27th, 2022