Echoes of Mana Tier List: All Characters Ranked

Check out how we rank Echoes of Mana characters.

by Christian Bognar

Echoes of Mana is a free-to-play action RPG within the Mana series. Released in April 2022, the mobile game has risen in popularity and has obtained a dedicated and loyal fan base. It continues to be loved, considering the entry includes many great characters and an addicting gameplay loop that leaves fans wanting more. We decided to look at Echoes of Mana, categorize all the available characters in the game, and throw them into a tier list. This tier list will give fans and newcomers an idea of who is worth their time and which ones should be avoided.

Ranking Echoes of Mana Characters

With over 30 characters, the table below assigns them to the proper tier level corresponding to their star rating and overall power and effectiveness. Keep reading for a brief description of each tier level and an understanding of why we believe each hero belongs in their spot.

SSumo, Kevin, Larc.
APopoi, Shiloh, Riesz, Honeycomb, Angela.
BCharlotte, Ferrik, Serafina, Ludgar, Lekius, Crimson Wizard, Lady Blackpear.
CAmanda, Julius, Randi, Mousseline, Duffle, Tamba, Hawkeye.
DSierra, Primm, Niccolo, Keldric, Raxa, Kevin, Elazul, Dark Lord, Thanatos.
FWanderer, Ebon Knight, Escad.

S Tier

Your go-to heroes. If you are looking for characters that have the most vital abilities, skills, and overall strength in general, these are the ones that will give you everything you are after. It also helps that their max HP is high, for example, with Sumo capping out at 1323 and Kevin reaching upwards of 1477.

A Tier

Some fan favorites are included in this level, and they all have their specific strength. When comparing stats, they fall short compared to S ranking options. With that said, any of these heroes will help you out significantly. Popoi is a favorite here, with Gem Missle that lands high Earth Magic Damage.

B Tier

These characters are above average and will help get you out of a pinch. They are great support heroes for your higher-ranking characters, as they will provide tools to allow your party to perform better overall. You should be fine with having any of these characters in your party, but there is one downfall that brings each hero down a level. For example, Charlotte has been compared to Honeycomb, located in A tier, because of her high intelligence, but low strength throws her down a tier.

C Tier

These heroes lack skills and abilities, as well as defense and strength. They can’t compete against the more challenging units, and you’ll find out fairly quickly that you should replace these heroes as soon as possible. Their base stats are meager; for example, Amanda and Duffle start with a low HP of around 150, which will have you wiped out quickly.

D Tier

Similar to C Tier, you will want to replace these characters as soon as possible. You could find some luck at the beginning of the game, and these characters could help you progress, but it’s rare. If you must choose one of these heroes, we recommend selecting Sierra due to her “Vortex of Death” ability, which can be pretty strong against certain enemies.

F Tier

Joke-level characters that make you wonder why Square Enix even added them to the roster. You won’t find anything suitable here, so steer clear; they will get in the way and make accomplishing your goal a colossal challenge. Don’t let the Wanderer maximum HP of 1670 and Luck of 93 fool you, the bonuses you get do not outweigh the low damage output for the Meteor Shock or Wanderer Wisdom abilities. Ebon Knight and Escad are similar in that regard.

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Echoes of Mana is available now for Android and iOS.

- This article was updated on January 9th, 2023

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