Best Tank Heroes in Overwatch 2: Ranked Tier List

Check out the best Tank Heroes in Overwatch 2, ranked

by Franklin Bellone Borges


Overwatch 2 features both a wide selection of known faces, such as Mercy and Mei as well as many new ones, like Kiriko, all of which are then divided into three different classes, Tank, Damage, and Support. But who are the best tanks in the game? Now, in order to answer that, as well as so that you can pick the one who is best suited for you, here are the best Tank Heroes in Overwatch 2.

  • Before we start, it is important to point out that there are no underachieving tanks in Overwatch 2. Meaning that, when mastered, any of the below can truly excel. With that said, this list was made taking into consideration their overall performance against the game’s current roster, as well as their kits as a whole.

All S-Tier Tank Heroes in Overwatch 2

Currently, the best, or S-tier tanks in Overwatch 2 are Reinhardt, Orisa, Sigma, and everyone’s favorite pro-gamer turned watchful protector D.VA. You can check why each of them excels in the field below:



Well, it’s no surprise that he would be here, right? Reinhardt is considered by many as one of the best offense-oriented tanks in the game, thanks to his ability to both hold his ground and literally crush enemies when needed. With that said, he has in his Barrier Field his biggest strength, as the ability allows your damage and support heroes to stay protected while picking open targets. The skill also pairs up extremely well with his Charge ability.



Considered by many the best tank in Overwatch 2, Orisa excels thanks to her ability to go head-to-head with opposing tanks, no matter who. A feat she manages to perform mainly thanks to her fast-hitting weapon and her Fortify ability, which lowers the damage received by her by a fair margin (40%).

She can also work really well against mid-range targets on select occasions, thanks to her Javelin Spin and Energy Javelin abilities. Orisa is also capable of opening up opponents and dealing AoE damage, thanks to her Ultimate, Terra Surge.



D.VA shines thanks to the straightforwardness of her kit as well as how well she can perform her role, which is focused on securing areas and working as the first line of defense to keep opponents at bay.

She also excels thanks to her ability to down entire teams with her Ultimate, all while also being capable of performing long-range eliminations, and rushing for the kill. D.VA also has in her mobility one of her biggest weapons, which, when paired with her Defense Matrix skill, can allow you to bait targets and escape various situations efficiently.

If you plan on using D.VA as your main tank, we highly recommend that you check out our full D.VA guide, featuring an overview of her kit, the best team compositions for her, and more.



Sigma shines thanks to his ability to constantly and efficiently shield his team, all while zoning enemies out. Sigma also has in the Ultimate one of his biggest strengths, thanks to his ability to efficiently open opponents to damage and perform eliminations in a large AoE.

All A-Tier Tank Heroes in Overwatch 2

In the A-tier we gave the heroes who, although great while in the field, need to either be placed in specific compositions or take on specific maps to truly excel. With that said, currently, the game’s A-tiers are Winston, Doomfist, Zarya, Wrecking Ball, and Junker Queen. You can check why each of them excels in the field below:



A great pick for new and experienced players alike, Winston has one of the most straightforward kits in the game and is able to excel thanks to his ability to shield the party efficiently and deal heavy damage with his Ultimate, Primal RAge. The skill is also a great tool when facing multiple enemies in close quarters and can be a lifesaver when close to being eliminated.

With that said, his low mid-range damage output and inability to move his shield can make him a niche choice for many matchups.



One of the best heroes to use when facing other thanks, Doomfist shines thanks to his ability to excel in close combat scenarios and tank advances by using his Power Block ability and his high melee attack range. He can also excel when clearing enemies out of areas, thanks to his Seismic Slam and Meteor strike abilities.



A great pick for all but one who can only showcase its full potential when mastered, Zarya shines thanks to her survivability and ability to boost her own damage by tanking attacks with her Particle Barrier a Projected Barrier. With that said, when using her, it is vital that you focus on building up the buff before attempting to perform team skills.

Wrecking Ball


A great offensive-focused hero, Wrecking Ball shines thanks to his ability to both cover the battlefield fast and tank a lot of damage by using his Adaptive Shield ability, which increases his overall health and survivability for each enemy nearby.

Junker Queen


One of the new characters who officially debuted together with Overwatch 2, Junker Queen excels thanks to her ability to self-sustain herself and deal great amounts of up-close damage. Her biggest strength, whoever, lies in both her passive, Adrenaline Rush, which allows her to heal over time, and in her Commanding Shout ability, which increases both her and her team’s HP.

With that said, although she does not fare well against other offensive thanks, such as Reinhardt, she manages to clinch her spot as an A-tier thanks to her ability to perform well in many different scenarios, mainly thanks to her melee-focused abilities.

All B-Tier Tank Heroes in Overwatch 2

In the B-Tier, we have heroes, who although capable of really shifting the tide of battle, can be easily countered and need specific compositions and maps to truly excel when playing against high-ranking players. With that said, Roadhog is currently the game’s only B-tier.



Considered by many as a DPS in a tank’s coating, Roadhog shines thanks to his ability to self-sustain himself while on the field, as well as his ability to both deal huge amounts of damage and open opponents for eliminations. With that said, his lack of long-range and defensive abilities really sets him back, even after considering the high amount of HO he is able to restore.

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You can currently play Overwatch 2 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. New to the game?

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