Elden Ring: How to Get Blaidd’s Armor and Royal Greatsword

He once was a friend.

by William Schwartz


Blaidd is one of the coolest NPCs in Elden Ring.  He’s got an awesome (and powerful) Wolf Mask that you can use as a helmet as well as a pretty strong suit of armor and a powerful Royal Greatsword.  While Blaidd will be friendly for the majority of Elden Ring, unfortunately you’re going to have to fight him if you want most of his armor pieces.  In this guide we’ll explain what you need to do to get Blaidd’s Armor and Royal Greatsword.

How to Get Blaidd’s Armor and Sword in Elden Ring


Getting Blaidd’s Armor and Royal Greatsword in Elden Ring is no easy task, but a multi-step task that’s going to require a ton of exploration into places you may or may not have already been.  You’re going to need to complete the majority of Ranni’s questline to even get the opportunity to fight Blaidd.  In this guide we’re not going to go over every step in Ranni’s questline, but you can check out this guide to Ranni’s Quest in Elden Ring for more details on what you need to do specifically.

Referencing that guide above, once you get to Step 9 and complete this part of the quest you can then head back to Ranni’s Rise.  In front of which, Blaidd will be knelt in front of looking extremely troubled.  Upon approaching him he will attack you and the battle will commence.  Once you defeat Blaidd he will drop his armor and Royal Greatsword.

Blaidd is a tough combatant, but depending on how high level you are he shouldn’t be much of a problem for you.  If you’re looking for the complete set with the mask you’ll need to pick that up in this area as well.

And that’s all you need to know about getting Blaidd’s Armor and Royal Greatsword in Elden Ring.  These armor pieces and sword are quite good as you progress towards the end game in Elden Ring so if you’ve already started some of Ranni’s quest, this is a nice reward for completing it all.

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