Elden Ring: How to Pause the Game

Pausing the game in Elden Ring!

by Gordon Bicker


Elden Ring can be brutally tough and that is the true marker of many FromSoftware games. With the experience being released, players have been taking their first steps in the entrancing world and battling many of the bosses on offer for players. Notably, there are indeed times during a battle that you have to attend to something urgently in the real world and so being able to pause the game can be a vital thing to have. However, the process of pausing in Elden Ring is similar to games such as Dark Souls and thus it has a different ‘pause’ system compared to many other games. This guide article will take you through the process of how to pause in Elden Ring.

How To Pause In Elden Ring

Whenever you try to pause the game in Elden Ring, you will find that the game does not suddenly stop and freeze. In turn, remember that charging enemy that was in front of you when you tried to pause the game for a second? They are still going to be indeed charging at you and getting that strike on you.

However, there are ways around this that will allow you to pause the game if you are playing on PS5 (potentially also PS4 but this hasn’t seemed to have been tested yet), and that is to put the console on rest mode while in the middle of playing Elden Ring. In order to do this, the game will have to be in offline mode for it to work for many reasons however one of them being that online enemy players would still be able to invade your world. Once you are in offline mode, simply navigate to the console settings with the PS button or otherwise and ‘Enter Rest Mode’, now you will be able to effectively pause Elden Ring while you go to do what you were planning to.

Whether you are hunting for armor such as the ‘Drake Knight Armor‘ or collecting ‘Larval Tears’, there is still unfortunately no in-built to pause the game while playing it. This has as aforementioned been a staple in the franchises that FromSoftware makes for a long time. It certainly makes you have to keep your guard up if you have to leave the game for a second.

However, if you manage to get to an area where there are not many enemies around, you can leave your game for a longer time as it is unlikely for enemies to venture near you and start to attack you. This is of course safer to do in the ‘offline mode’ as enemy players can not invade your world to eliminate you.

Will you be utilizing the workaround for PS5 that has been found in order to pause the game or will you instead be making your way to a safer area to rest for a second in Elden Ring this month?

Elden Ring is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

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