Elden Ring: How to Stop the White Footsteps on the Beach

Planning to stop the white footsteps on the beach?

by Gordon Bicker


Elden Ring has a vast array of mysteries for you to gleefully venture through the lands and find within the experience. In between battling bosses you may be set on trying to uncover one of the game’s many great secrets. Of course, whether you’ve got Zweihander in your hand or not, you will be sure to unleash true power on your enemies as you continue hunting for those mysteries. One such mystery that players have been wondering about is the White Footsteps on the Beach in Elden Ring. This guide article will inform you of what they are and how to stop them from wandering the shores of the area.

Where To Find The White Footsteps In Elden Ring

In order to find the white footsteps you will need to go to the ‘Coastal Caves’ where the sea laps against the rocks in a serene style. You will then need to proceed onto the beach and you will find this also near the west of ‘The First Step’ point of grace.

As you are on the beach, your eyes will be drawn to the dazzling white lights that are clear to see on the beach. If you go near them, they’ll make an audio sound and then start to run/walk away from you. The sound will vary in levels depending on how far away from the footsteps you are. There are a few white lights in the area and each of them relates to the footsteps.

How To Stop The White Footsteps On The Beach In Elden Ring

In order to stop the white footsteps, you will need to strike them with your chosen weapon. Of course, you may be wondering why you are slashing at open air, but there is actually an invisible enemy that will be killed with a single strike from your weapon. In order to catch the footsteps, you have to be in front of them as they are running at you and then make the strike from there.

Once you eliminate the enemy the lights will stop and you will obtain an ‘Ash of War’ that is a Sweep Skill for your character which is a ‘Heavy Affinity’ for you to now have access to. It can be added to axes, hammers, and swords at any grace site of your choosing.

Notably, the hidden creature is a ‘Teardrop Scarab’ and they are similar in many regards to the ‘Crystal Lizards’ from the Dark Souls franchise. There are many of the Scarabs to find and they will drop items for your character to pick up and reward you in general for being able to reach them and eliminate them. The one on the beach is one which is definitely an unexpected encounter so knowing how to get there and what it will reward you with makes sure that it is worth your journey through the area to the beach where the scarab is.

Elden Ring is available now for players on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

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