Elden Ring Pot Boy Location: Where to Find Alexander the Iron Fist

Alexander is a big, round friend that you'll meet early in Elden Ring.

by Diego Perez


Elden Ring is finally upon us, and many players are wondering where they can find Alexander, the “Pot Boy” that has been featured in the game’s pre-release promotional material. Since he was first shown, Alexander has won the hearts of many Elden Ring fans, and now players can finally find him in-game and help him on his quest. A talking pot may seem like a strange inclusion, but Elden Ring is home to much, much stranger things later down the line. Here’s how you can find Alexander the Iron Fist in Elden Ring.

Where to Find Alexander in Elden Ring

Players can encounter Alexander very early in their Elden Ring adventure. He is located in the eastern section of Limgrave, the starting region of the game. After passing through the Stormgate, follow the road to the east until you reach the Saintsbridge Site of Grace. Alexander can be found stuck in the ground nearby. His pleas for help can be heard once you get close enough, and you can hone in on his exact position once you hear his voice. His exact location is marked on the map below.


Once you find Alexander, he’ll ask for your help in freeing him from his predicament. He’s stuck in the ground, and all you have to do to get him out is hit him with your weapon a few times. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt him. Just whack him until he’s free and he’ll express his gratitude by teaching you the Triumphant Delight emote. You can also speak to him again to receive a piece of Exalted Flesh, which can be consumed to temporarily boost your physical attack.

When he’s free, he’ll inform you of his full title: Alexander the Iron Fist. He’ll then tell you about a place where you can find him later, and you can continue his questline by speaking to him there later in your adventure. There aren’t many friendly faces in The Lands Between, so meeting a friendly pot like Alexander is a lovely change of pace from the bosses that are constantly trying to kill you.

Elden Ring is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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