Elden Ring: Should You Accept the Introduction to Gurranq the Beast Clergyman?

Is the Beast Clergyman worth meeting?

by Diego Perez


When you first meet D, Hunter of the Dead, in Elden Ring, he warns you about a nearby village that contains a boss fight. If you head over to Summonwater Village and defeat the Tibia Mariner that he was talking about, he’ll offer you an introduction to Gurranq, the beast clergyman, who is looking for new hunters capable of slaying monsters. The whole thing seems a bit off, however, and many players are unsure whether or not they should trust D. So, should you accept or refuse the introduction to Gurranq in Elden Ring?

Should You Accept the Introduction in Elden Ring?

If you refuse the introduction, then nothing really happens. D will go about his business, and you can carry on with your adventure. If you accept the introduction, then D will mark the location of a nearby hidden gateway on your map in red. D will make his way to the Roundtable Hold regardless of which option you choose, and you can always give him a Deathroot later on and get the introduction that way if you change your mind. The portal is a short distance to the east from where you’re currently standing, and it will take you straight to Gurranq so you can meet him.

When you take the portal, you’ll be teleported to an area called Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow in an entirely different section of the map. You are definitely too low of a level to be here normally, so try not to attack anything. Enter the large door in front of you and you will find Gurranq in his Bestial Sanctum along with a Site of Grace for you to rest at. When you talk to Gurranq, you can offer him the Deathroot that you received as a reward from the Tibia Mariner boss. He will ask you to bring him more Deathroots in exchange for “eye and claw,” whatever that means.

It turns out that the “eye” and the “claw” are two very important items that you’ll need to use to progress through Gurranq’s questline. The eye is the Beast Eye, which will let you know when you’ve found a boss that will drop a Deathroot. When you see a prompt that reads “The Beast eye quivers,” then you’ll know you’ve found a Deathroot boss. The claw isn’t as important unless you’re a magic user, since it is a Sacred Seal used to cast Incantations. As you bring more Deathroots back to Gurranq, he will continue to reward you with more Incantations, Ashes of War, and eventually a weapon.

Elden Ring is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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