Elden Ring Setting Explained: Where It Takes Place and Main Characters Explained

Want to find out where Elden Ring actually takes place?

by Gordon Bicker


With the long and illustrious history of FromSoftware Games, it is no surprise that fans of the studio are wanting to understand more about the lore and history of Elden Ring. There are many avenues that can be explored in understanding the game more however one such avenue is the aspect of the setting. Players have been where Elden Ring takes place in the wider universe and its overworld setting name. This guide article will explain all of those details and give you the facts on the setting and main characters of Elden Ring.

Elden Ring’s Setting — Mesmerising Vistas

Whether you are just starting your playthrough and collecting early game weapons or mid-way through the experience and preparing for that next intriguing boss battle, there is something for everyone in the experience and that is especially true for the setting of Elden Ring which has breathtaking vista’s almost everywhere you look.

The game is set within a realm underneath the ‘Erdtree’, which is the large tree you will be able to observe throughout the world along your journey. Specifically, the realm itself is named ‘The Lands Between’ and this was all once controlled by Queen Marika the Eternal. Players were wondering if the setting had any ties to the Dark Souls Universe and there aren’t any setting-based ties at the moment. Elden Ring has an entirely new world for players to explore.

However, there are some links to the Dark Souls universe in some other ways, such as certain weapon names being the same, notably the Zweihander sword having the same name from the Dark Souls franchise. In conclusion, the main setting for Elden Ring is ‘The Lands Between’ and this is where players are venturing through.

The Main Characters Of Elden Ring

Along with the excellent setting that players are able to explore, there is a cast of NPC’s who can also be seen as main characters that make the world feel even more fleshed out. Here is some of the characters and general information for each of them that may be beneficial for you to know about:

  • Bloody Finger Hunter Yura — This character has knowledge of the ‘Dragon Cult’ and will chat to the player to inform the player of a dragon in the ‘Agheel Lake’, you will be able to meet him again in the experience.
  • Fia — Originally known as ‘Lady Yulia’, Fia will offer comfort for the main player character and allow them to chat with her many times with changing dialogue.
  • Melina — Melina acts as the game’s guide for the player and she will help the protagonist along their journey. You will first meet Melina at the start of your journey after discovering 3 ‘Sites of Grace’ within the world.
  • Queen Marika the Eternal — The ruler of ‘The Lands Between’ who also has a demigod as offspring that hopes to obtain the power of the Elden Ring for their own utilization.
  • Ranni the Witch (Renna) — Ranni is a mysterious but intriguing character who will teach you how to summon spirits in the experience and is the daughter of Radagon and Rannala. There is an extensive side quest linked to Ranni.
  • Tanith — The leader of the Volcano Manor and will give the players opportunities to assist them.

Those are some of the characters that you will likely want to learn more about throughout the experience among many other characters.

Elden Ring is available now for players on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

- This article was updated on March 13th, 2022

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