Elder Scrolls Online: All Clockwork City Set Station Locations

Here's where all the set station locations are in The Elder Scrolls Online.

by Gordon Bicker


The Elder Scrolls Online has been released for many years and players have been delving back into one of the earlier DLC releases for the experience known as The Clockwork City. There is one particular element that players have been flocking towards once again and that is the ‘Set Stations’. These stations will allow players to craft unique items, sets (weapons and armor), and ultimately utilise the various crafting materials that they have collected over the course of playing through the experience. Within The Elder Scrolls Online, there are numerous set stations and within this guide article will be details of all of the Clockwork City Set Station Locations for you to make your way towards. Every map image in this article has been taken from using the UESP interactive map which can be found here. This will let you follow along with the article and locations will be clear for you to travel to.

Restricted Brassworks Set Station Location — Into the Clockwork City


The first set station location can be found within the Brass City itself. As can be seen in the image above, the ‘Restricted Brassworks’ is the name of the set station and you will be able to craft the respective ‘Fortified Brass’ set from this particular station. In order to reach the location, simply make your way to the Brass City and from the entrance make your way upwards along the tavern, take a left at the junction and then follow the path through to the next section of the Brass City.

From there simply take a left after the first section and you will be at the location for this particular set station. You will now be able to utilise it and craft the armor, items, and weapons that you want to.

Pavilion of Artifice Set Station Location


The next set station that you will want to find is the ‘Pavilion of Artifice’. This particular set station will allow you to craft armor, items, and weapons in the ‘Mechanical Acuity’ set. It can be found near the center of the Clockwork City map and can be easily navigated towards by travelling to the ‘Clockwork Crossroads Wayshrine’ from which you can proceed south and you will find the set station as shown in the image.

Whether you are preparing to fight werewolves or simply planning a journey throughout Tamriel, this set will assist you tremendously along with the others.

The Refurbishing Yard Set Station Location

The next set station can be found north-eastwards of the previous Wayshrine and is particularly close to the ‘Mire Mechanica Wayshrine’ where the player can simply proceed to the left side of the Wayshrine in order to find it as shown in the image.

This set station will allow you to craft weapons, items, and armor from the ‘Innate Axiom’ set. There are various builds that you are able to utilise throughout the experience.

Will you be utilising the Set Stations in the Clockwork City this month?

The Elder Scrolls Online is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Google Stadia, Mac, and PC.

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