Everything Included in the WWE 2K23 Ruthless Aggression Pack

A lot of good classics here.

by Elliott Gatica
Image: 2K Sports/Visual Concepts

With WWE 2K23 coming out very soon — unless you bought early access— pre-order bundles and other downloadable items are being released alongside the game. If you are looking at which edition of the game to get, you will notice that the Icon Edition has the Ruthless Aggression Pack. So, what does the Ruthless Aggression Pack contain and what is everything included in it in WWE 2K23?

Everything Included in the WWE 2K23 Ruthless Aggression Pack

This bundle includes the “throwback versions” of iconic wrestlers from the early 2000s. The wrestlers include the following:

John Cena “The Prototype”

This is a skin for John Cena where he’ll sport a more classic wrestler look. Instead of his iconic jean shorts and armbands, he’ll be decked out in wrestler tights. More importantly, he’ll have blonde hair. 

Batista (Leviathan)

This is a more classic version of Batista as well. If you rock this skin, you’ll notice that he has fewer tattoos. You can still perform his iconic Batista Bomb. 

Randy Orton

“Watch out! Watch out! Watch out! OH! RKO out of nowhere!” Even if you did not grow up wrestling in the early 2000s, Randy Orton’s legacy of his signature move has been made a meme and will be just as hype when you land it in 2K23. He’ll be a part of the Legend Roster.

Brock Lesnar

Another Legend from the early 2000s of wrestling, Brock Lesnar is the last character in the Ruthless Aggression Pack. This heavyweight wrestler is definitely going to appeal to fans of both young and old ages.

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What Else is Included?

On top of the classic wrestlers and skins in the Ruthless Aggression Pack, you will gain access to the Wrestlemania 22 arena and the John Cena Legacy Championship. Basically, you will get an additional playable arena and access to the 20th-anniversary event where only 500 belts were made for the occasion.

Is the Ruthless Aggression Pack Worth It?

If you are a hardcore wrestling fan and loved the sport back in the early 2000s back when WWE was WWF, you should definitely get this pack. It’s included if you buy it separately for 20.00 USD or if you buy the Icon Edition of 2K23. 

If you like what’s already included in the game and you’re fine without the classics, then you can skip it. This is more to appeal to the older audiences of the game who grew up with certain wrestlers at their prime or before major career changes.

- This article was updated on March 14th, 2023