Evolve Stage 2 Hunter Tier List

The best and worst hunters in Evolve Stage 2

by Christian Bognar


To be successful in Evolve Stage 2, you are going to need to have the right hunters on the battlefield. Some hunters are better than others, and some are just downright pointless and should be avoided at all costs. In this tier list, we will rank each hunter, align them with their proper tier, and give a general description of why they fit correctly in that spot.

Best Hunters in Evolve Stage 2

S Tier

Torvold, Renegade, Bucket, Cabot, Sunny, Slim, Abe, Jack

These are the Hunters that should be your go-to pick. Everyone excels in their class, giving them the highest chance to bring down the Monsters. Whether it be high attack power, a helpful support system, or keeping their teammates alive, they do each the quickest and most efficiently. Some of them can be tough to get the hang of, especially for beginners, but once you understand how they play, you’ll dominate every monster you come in contact with.

A Tier

Hyde, Parnell, Hank, Tank Sgt Hank, Rogue Val, Lazarus, Paladin Parnell, Maggie, Crow

These Hunters don’t end up in the top spot because they have one weakness holding them back. Many characters got nerfed in this stage of Evolve, bringing them down to the A-tier category. One may have weaker damage output than before stage 2, while another shield may take longer to recharge. With that being said, they are still going to win your matches regardless. The perks players can add to these Hunters are powerful and can make all the difference in the game, potentially bringing them up to S tier if you have the right loadout.

B Tier

Markov, Lennox, Val, E.M.E.T, Quantum Caira, Electro Griffin

These Hunters should be a backup plan if you try a different route than the above higher tiers. They are helpful in their own way but lack the ability to make a significant impact in battle. They aren’t as consistent as the other Hunters and aren’t the best when the Monster decides to run away. That said, they still provide solid support and damage output depending on each class, just not as good.

C Tier

Blitz Markov, Kala, Caira, Wasteland Maggie, Griffin, 

Hunters who fall into this category are pretty weak compared to their counterparts. Some have terrible setup times and low recharge speeds for their abilities. They aren’t the worst in the game, but they don’t bring any value to the team and are quickly forgotten about. Maybe with the right perks, you can bring them up a tier, but you might as well avoid these hunters unless completely necessary.

D tier

Battle Cabot

Only one hunter falls into this category because he is just terrible and should be avoided at all costs. More of a nuisance than helpful, you will find that this character gets in the way and messes up the whole team dynamic. Even the highly skilled players of Evolve avoid Battle Cabot because of his all-around weak stats against the monsters. This is the one character you shouldn’t even bother giving a second look.

Evolve Stage 2 is available now on PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One.

- This article was updated on October 17th, 2022

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