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Fallout 76 How to Get Black Titanium

Make sure to pick up suit scrap from Mole Miners.

by William Schwartz


Black Titanium is only found in deposits and mineral veins in Fallout 76.  This is an extremely rare item that will be needed to make higher level Power Armor mods in Fallout 76.  The good news is you’ll have some time to build up to the point where you’ll actually be able to make Power Armor and mods for it as you’ll need to wait until you reach Level 25.  Once you do get to Level 25 you’re going to need it as the Power Armor crafting abilities will become available after completing a quest that will earn you the blueprint to craft the Power Armor Station.

Keep an eye out for Mole Miners


In the meantime, you can harvest Black Titanium from a couple of different places.  The first is at the Blackwater Mine and other mining areas that you find the Mole Miners  These enemies will drop Miner Suit Scrap.  The Miners themselves aren’t particularly difficult.  You’ll encounter numerous variations of the enemy and they go all the way up to level 40.  You can encounter Mole Miners fairly early on in Fallout 76 if you head to the Blackwater Mine in Savage Divide.  When you scrap this item you will receive Black Titanium.

Black Titanium can also be found in ingots and in raw form in a deposit or vein.  Veins of Black Titanium can be found at the Gorge Junkyard Workshop.  This is the only workshop that you can farm Black Titanium at.  Follow these instructions on how to claim a Workshop and excavate the resources to get loads of Black Titanium fast.

Black Titanium Workshop Location


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