FFXVI Mageth Brothers Hunt Location: Where are the Quietsands in Rosaria?

Are you ready to track down the Mageth Brothers in Quietsands within Final Fantasy XVI?

by Gordon Bicker
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Final Fantasy XVI has many unique and interesting hunts to go on and one of these is the Mageth Brothers in Rosaria. You will likely have Jill with you while going on this hunt so you will have extra backup for the battle with the brothers. This article will take you through the exact location of where Quietsands is for the Mageth Brothers’ hunt in Final Fantasy XVI.

Quietsands Location for the Mageth Brothers Hunt in FFXVI

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The best Obelisk to travel to in my opinion is the Port Isolde fast travel point. From here, you will just need to proceed north, and very quickly you will reach the area which has a turn to the left taking you down to a beach. On the beach itself will be three menacing figures standing down near the coast, these are the Mageth Brothers — all you have to do to start the hunt is run up to them.

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Throughout the story (before this point) you will have faced some similar enemies to the Mageth Brothers but this time instead of just one, there are three of them. In reality, the hunt isn’t actually too difficult and I highly recommend using the Bahamut Eikon ability of Gigaflare which is extremely powerful. Of course, you could also use abilities such as Judgement Bolt as part of the Ramuh eikon as an extra combo.

Mageth Brothers Hunt Rewards in FFXVI

The general rewards for the Mageth Brothers’ hunt are 13,000 Gil and 30 Renown. However, you will also acquire two Meteorites for the hunt once you have defeated the brothers. This hunt doesn’t give too many rewards unlike certain other hunts but the Renown and Gil amount is certainly still worth it for finishing the hunt.

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Since you know where the Mageth Brothers are in the Quietsands now, you can take a trip down to the beaches of Rosaria in Final Fantasy XVI and deal with the notorious marks.

- This article was updated on July 27th, 2023

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