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Final Fantasy XIV – Diadem Weather Nodes, Where to Find Weather Nodes

Fund your own Expert Crafts, or make bank with these rare materials.

by Brandon Adams


With the second phase of the Ishgardian Restoration in Final Fantasy XIV crafters are eager to get their hands on mats from Diadem weather nodes. These exotic crafting mats can only be harvested by talented botanists and miners, who should keep an eye on the sky if they wish to collect them.

Diadem weather nodes spawn during umbral storms.

When you are floating about the new gatherer-centric Diadem in Final Fantasy XIV pay attention to the color of the sky. When it shifts from a hazy blue to a bright pulse of color an umbral storm has begun. The weather icon on the minimap will also tell you when this is occurring, and highlighting it will tell you which storm it is. Though, you can easily tell by the color of the sky. Red means Umbral Flare, Green is Umbral Tempest, Purple is Umbral Levin, and Yellow is Umbral Duststorm.

During each a rare material will spawn, and depending on the storm it will determine which gathering class can collect it. The Umbral Flare and Umbral Levin mats are for miners, and the Umbral Tempest and Umbral Duststorm mats are for botanists. These are level 80 gathering nodes, so unless your miner or botanist has reached at least level 70 you will not be able to gather these. You will want to be max level if you wish to maximize your haul.

These mats will spawn in a single location, much like unspoiled and legendary timed materials in the regular world. Truth of the Forests and Truth of the Mountains will reveal their location when they spawn. They cannot be gathered as collectibles, and they do not drop as high quality, so focus on boosting your yield as much as possible. Bountiful Yield and Bountiful Harvest are great for this, as are Blessed Harvest and Blessed Yield. These materials are for the Ishgardian Restoration Expert Crafting, so they will be in high demand.

For those who want the map coordinates for each they are as follows:

  • Umbral Flarestone from Umbral Flares
    • X: 12.9 Y: 9.7
  • Umbral Galewood Log from Umbral Tempests
    • X: 9.5 Y: 30.3
  • Umbral Levinshard from Umbral Levins
    • X:33.9 Y: 13.2
  • Umbral Earthcap from Umbral Duststorms
    • X: 29.4 Y: 33.1

- This article was updated on:March 11th, 2020

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