Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2: Release Date, Live Letter, and Everything We Know

What's coming with the next patch.

by J.T. Isenhour


Final Fantasy XIV gets a lot of content updates in between expansions. A major content update will come out every few months and with the new patch drawing close players are getting ready. From all that has been revealed in blog posts and livestreams, patch 6.2 seems to be full of new systems and activities for players to take part in. Let’s go over all the new content you can expect with the upcoming patch for Final Fantasy XIV and when you can expect this content to come out.

What Content Is Coming With Patch 6.2 For Final Fantasy XIV

One of the major content updates that are coming with patch 6.2 is more main scenario quests. Since the story that players had been taking part in since A Realm Reborn began came to an end with Endwalker, a new story has started and is being told with each of these content updates. Alongside a main scenario quest expansion, the side quest stories will also be expanded upon.

Players will also notice some rewards to previous main scenario content with Thornmarch being remade, Duty Support working for main scenario dungeons up to The Vault, and The Steps of Faith trail will be turned into a solo battle.

Raid groups will also have a new challenge as the Pandaemonium series is going to receive a new raid with both normal and savage difficulty. Alongside the new raid, a new trial will be available in both normal and extreme and a new unreal trial will be released. If you are not a raider, there will also be new dungeons and a new type of dungeon content added.


While some of the new dungeons will be your standard dungeon the new Variant and Criterion dungeons will be added as well. These dungeons will be a new type of end-game content for smaller groups to enjoy. They will provide a challenge similar to raiding but without the need for a full party.

Another big addition players are excited about is the Island Sanctuary. These will be single-player activities where you work to build up an island. Most of the content for these islands seems to be focused on crafting classes which is an interesting turn. Prior to the Island Sanctuary, the only content aimed at crafting classes were the Beast Tribe quests which will also be expanded upon with patch 6.2.

PvP players will also notice that the first season is coming to an end and the next season will begin with patch 6.2. Crystal Conflict will also see the beginning of season three with the new patch. Some PvP balance changes will be coming out alongside the resuming of Rival Wings which has been on hold until the next patch.

Some of the more miscellaneous changes that will be coming with the new patch are balance changes for PvE alongside the PvP balance changes. The glamor dresser will be receiving a much-needed expansion from 400 total slots to 800 total slots. This will benefit the recent expansion of the glamor plates.

The newly added adventure plate system will also be updated to hopefully have more customization options although it is currently unknown what the exact update to the system will be at this time. If you need any more help with Final Fantasy XIV make sure to check out our other guides.

Final Fantasy XIV is available now on the platforms of PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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