Finn MultiVersus Moveset, Perks, Combos, and More – Finn MultiVersus Guide

Adventure Time!

by Franklin Bellone Borges


In MultiVersus, the playable characters are divided into 5 specific classes, each featuring its own main characteristics. With that said, among the Assassin-type characters, which are mainly focused on dealing high damage at high speed, Finn, the protagonist of the Adventure Time franchise, can be considered one of the best. Now, to help you bring the most out of Ooo’s greatest hero here’s everything you need to know about Finn.

Finn MultiVersus Guide: All Moves, Explained

Overall, Finn is a character whose main strength lies in his ability to adapt to a wide array of scenarios, thanks to his varied set, and his Fast Stacks! passive, which allows him to exchange coins, which can be earned by attacking opponents, for buffs and abilities. With that said, Finn is a character capable of dealing high damage while both in the air and ground, as well as a unit capable of countering various types of enemies, thanks to his Backpack Attack variants, his great aerial combos, his reflecting abilities, and his Trowing Stones Special.

It’s important to point out that Finn, like all characters part of the Assassin’s class, receives, in exchange for his fast and high damaging moves, 14% more damage when compared to the other classes.

You can check out an overview of all the unique moves Finn can perform in MultiVersus, below:

While on the Ground:

  • Chop!: Finn performs a forward chop.
  • The Sword Stuff!: A charged stab that can work as the first hit of a swipe combo.
  • Slasher!: A Charged upwards slash that launches his target upon contact.
  • Low Bow, Bro!: A plunging stab that can break armor and deal projectile damage on AoE.
  • High Five, Dude!: Finn high fives both enemies and allies alike. The high-five can reflect projectiles.
  • Get Skronked: Finn rushes forward, dealing damage to enemies on his path. The move can deflect projectiles and allows for an immediate follow-up. If a gem is on the field, Finn will then perform his Mathematical Air-Dash move.
  • Backpack Attack!: Finn spins while using his backpack to deal heavy consecutive damage. Upon use, Finn will expend coins in order to increase the damage of the move.
  • Sweet Deals!: Prompts Finn to select an item from his backpack. Each item will have a different effect and will cost a different amount. The Stack of Hasten will increase the team’s speed, while the Stack of Booty will give players a shield when performing charged attacks. BMO, on the other hand, will allow Finn to perform a BMO chop.

While on the Air:

  • SLAM-BAM-IN-A-CAN!: A kick capable of breaking armor and repositioning Finn behind the enemy hit.
  • Flying Sword Moves!: A combo of two sword slashes, the latter which can be charged for increased damage.
  • Sky Punch!: A damaging upward punch.
  • Ground Chop!: A downward chop.
  • High Five, Dude!: The same move as seen in the list above, with the only difference being the fact that Finn will bounce back after hitting his target.
  • Mathematical Air-Dash!: Allows Finn to perform a dash followed by a highly damaging sword attack.
  • Soaring Backpack Attack!: The Backpack Attack!, but performed while Finn also goes up.
  • Throwin’ Stones: Finn drops a Gem on the field, which will deal damage to enemies hit. Once on the field, Finn will be able to make use of his Mathematical Air-Dash! to dash towards the gem, dealing damage upon contact.

Combo-wise, when on the ground, using a combination of The Sword Stuff! and Get Skronked can be a safe bet for those who are still adjusting to Finn’s gameplay, but it is highly advised that you mix up both aerial and ground moves to keep your opponents vulnerable and open to damage.


What are Finn’s Signature Perks?

Currently, in MultiVersus, Finn has access to 2 Signature Perks, Going Out of Business, which lowers the price of all items by 200 coins for 10 seconds after an ally falls, or permanently as long as Finn’s damage reached any number above 100, and On the House!, which allows Finn to generate one gem after hitting an enemy with a fully charged ground attack. Going Out of Business can be unlocked by leveling Finn to level 8, while you will need to reach level 10 to unlock On the House!.

Best Perks for Finn in MultiVersus

Taking into account that Finn’s main strength lies, apart from his ability to buff allies, in using his great ground and aerial moves, such as The Sword Stuff, Get Skronked, Flying Sword Moves, as well as his Specials Backpack Attack, Soaring Backpack Attack, and Throwin’ Stones, the best perks for him are, in our opinion, Wildcat Brawler, Lumpy Space Punch, Up Up, and A-Slay, as well as the Utility perks, Leg Day Champ, Cofeezilla, and Triple Jump. As players will only be able to equip 3-non Signature perks for a battle, we advise you to train all of the above, so that you can swap them up depending on your enemy or teammate.

The open beta of MultiVersus is set to be released on July 26, 2022, on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, via Steam. You can play the early access version of the game right now by either buying the title’s Founder’s Pack or through Twitch Drops.

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