FNAF Security Breach: Princess Quest Locations

All Princess Quest locations for the Hero ending.

by Noah Nelson


Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach has 6 intense endings for players to discover. All of them are satisfying, but the Hero ending is the ultimate good ending. In order to unlock the Hero ending, which is arguably the best ending in the game, you’ll need to find and complete all three Princess Quest arcade minigames. In this guide, we will show you exactly that.

For all your FNAF Security Breach needs, be sure to check out our guides. Besides how to get all 6 endings, we also have guides on things like how to decommission Chica. With that out of the way, here are all three Princess Quest locations in FNAF Security Breach.

All Princess Quest Locations in FNAF Security Breach

In order to get the Hero ending, you’ll need to find and complete all three Princess Quest locations. Before 06:00 rolls around, you’ll need to have at least beaten the first two. The Princess Quest minigames are 2D dungeon crawler games that are fairly easy to beat.

The first Princess Quest is located at the back of Roxy’s salon. In the back, you will find offices which is where the game is. The second Princess Quest can be found exactly where Music Man first emerges in the arcade. As I mentioned early, the games themselves are straightforward and easy to beat. With those two out of the way, you can now choose the Vanny option when leaving.

Once you’ve chosen the Vanny option and completed the initial chase sequence, you’ll have the option to do the Destruction ending or play the third Princess Quest to unlock the Hero ending. Once you have finished the last Princess Quest, you’ll discover that all the help bots are disabled. Also, Vanny drops its mask to reveal who they really are.

The reason behind the bots and Vanny’s actions at the end after defeating all Princess Quest games is William Afton, also known as Springtrap, Glitchtrap, Purple Guy, and so many other names, is implanted on the Princess Quest games. Once you beat the games, all the machines under Glitchtrap’s control fail, including Vanny’s brainwashing.

The Hero ending will proceed as a comic book showing you the next events as they play out. Ultimately, Vanessa, Gregory, and Freddy leave the Pizzaplex together. They all sit together and watch the sunset knowing that all is well… for now.

Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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