Fortnite: Collect Omni Chips at Chonker’s Speedway Locations Map

Chonker's Speedway has 3 Omni Chips to find.

by Diego Perez


Omni Chips are the collectible currency featured in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, and a new set of them can be found this week at Chonker’s Speedway. These items are used to unlock new customization options and styles for the Omni Sword, a pickaxe included with the Chapter 3 Season 2 Battle Pass. Omni Chips are released in batches each week throughout the season, and you’ll need to collect most of them to get every style for the Omni Sword, otherwise you won’t be able to get more styles after the season ends.

There are 9 new Omni Chips to collect each week split between 3 different locations. Last week, Epic Games added Omni Chips to Logjam Lumberyard, Greasy Grove, and Mighty Monument. This week, players must visit The TempleChonker’s Speedway, and Loot Lake to collect Omni Chips. Here’s where to find all 3 Omni Chips at Chonker’s Speedway in Fortnite.

Fortnite Omni Chip Locations at Chonker’s Speedway

Chonker’s Speedway is located in the southern portion of the map in the desert region. It’s the only named POI with Omni Chips this week, so it’s the easiest to find on the map. Just like the other locations, there are 3 Omni Chips to collect here. You can see the exact location of all 3 Chonker’s Speedway Omni Chips on the map below.


Omni Chip #1 Location

The first Omni Chip is located in the center of the location on the dirt race track below the metal yellow bridge connecting the northern and southern buildings.

Omni Chip #2 Location

The second Omni Chip is located along the dirt race track in the northwestern corner of the location. If you follow the track, you’ll run into it.

Omni Chip #3 Location

The third Omni Chip is located on the ramp on the eastern section of the race track. You can find it floating above some wooden planks on the ground. If you follow the track heading east you’ll eventually run into it.

All 3 of these Omni Chips are really easy to collect since they’re all located along the main race track at Chonker’s Speedway. Just drive one of the available cars along the track and you’ll have all 3 in no time. After finding them all, you can head to The Temple and Loot Lake to collect the remaining Omni Chips for this week.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

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