Fortnite Dragon Ball Versus Boards Explained

Wondering what these versus boards are in Fortnite?

by Gordon Bicker


Fortnite players have a lot of content to work through today with the Dragon Ball event taking center stage for the next while. Whether you are hunting for all of the new additions to the game, or have decided to explore Kame House, you will definitely be enjoying yourself with the latest content. You may have also noticed the ‘Versus Boards’ around the map and be wondering what these boards actually are within the experience. This guide article has you covered and will take you through what the Dragon Ball Versus Boards are in Fortnite.

Dragon Ball Versus Boards Explanation for Fortnite

The Versus Boards have replaced the Bounty Boards that you all likely will be familiar with. These new versus boards will let you get into a battle with another player on the map. In order for the battle to commence, both players will have to already have interacted with a versus board. When the battle between you and another player starts, the opponent will be shown on your map. This is likewise what happens with you appearing on their map.

With only five minutes on the clock to achieve victory over the other player, you will need to get your elimination methods revving as you race to eliminate your opponent in the battle. The Versus Boards add another excellent layer of mechanics and complexity to the game as if you are wanting a bit of fame in one match over another, these boards are a surefire way to gain that. Put your skills to the test with another player battling you in this event. While you are completing those all-important quests, remember these boards also exist now!

Fortnite is available now and can be played on the following platforms: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, IOS, Android, and PC.

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