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Fortnite TNTina’s Trial Challenge Guide – Unlock Ghost or Shadow Style

A choice between two styles is offered upon completion.

by Diego Perez


Just like the Brutus’ Briefing challenges, the TNTina’s Trial challenges have leaked ahead of release, giving us a sneak peek at what needs to be done to unlock Ghost or Shadow style for TNTina. Both week 3 and week 4 have had their challenge lists leaked, so we know absolutely everything that needs to be done to unlock TNTina’s styles. Naturally, the week 4 challenges won’t drop until next week, but you can always work on your Deadpool challenges in the meantime.

To find these challenges, navigate to the Battle Pass tab of the main menu. Select the Challenge Table and TNTina’s Trial should be one of the options. These are all the challenges needed to unlock either the Ghost or Shadow style for TNTina.

TNTina’s Trial Week 3 Challenges

There are a few challenges to complete during week 3, but none of them are too difficult to complete.

  • Eliminate players using explosives (5)
  • Search Chests at Holly Hedges or Retail Row (10)
  • Destroy structures with Propane Tanks (10)
  • Catch Air with a Motorboat (5)
  • Visit different Landmarks (15)
  • Use Upgrade Bench to sidegrade a weapon (3)
  • Deal damage to Bosses (500)
  • Land at The Rig, Hydro 16, and Logjam Woodworks (1)
  • Destroy Sentry Cameras or Sentry Turrets (5)
  • Eliminate players without using shield or healing items in between eliminations (2)

TNTina’s Trial Week 4 Challenges

These challenges won’t officially become available until the update drops next week on March 12, but we already know what they are courtesy of Fortnite leaker FireMonkey.

  • Search Chests at Pleasant Park or Slurpy Swamp (10)
  • Destroy opponent structures with Proximity Mines or Remote Explosives (20)
  • Fish with Explosives (3)
  • Eliminate players at The Agency or Sweaty Sands (5)
  • Search Ammo Boxes in different Named Locations (7)
  • Use Decoy Grenades (5)
  • Deal damage to players while riding in a Motorboat (200)
  • Scan a Henchman in different matches (3)
  • Visit Grumpy Greens, Mowdown, and Risky Reels (1)
  • Collect different Boss Weapons (3)

How to Unlock Ghost or Shadow Style for TNTina

Keep in mind that you only need to complete 18 TNTina’s Trial challenges in order to get the styles. After unlocking TNTina at Level 40 of the Battle Pass and completing the necessary challenges, selecting TNTina in the Agents menu and you’ll be given a choice.

Choosing either Shadow or Ghost will declassify the final mission you need to do to earn the style, but you can only choose one. Give it some thought and choose wisely. It’s a permanent choice, and you’ll be locked out of the other style for good. You’ll have to make the same choice for the other agents later in the Season as well.

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