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Fortnite: Where to Emote as Thor on Mountaintop Ruins

The mountaintop ruins are on the southern tip of the island.

by Diego Perez


The final Awakening challenge for Thor in Fortnite is easy. All you have to do is emote as Thor at mountaintop ruins. Doing so will permanently unlock the God of Thunder emote for Thor, which will transform the hero from his standard appearance to a much more intimidating form worthy of the God of Thunder title. You can literally complete this challenge within seconds of dropping into a match, and you can even do it in Team Rumble if you don’t want to worry about getting eliminated before you can perform an emote. Here’s where to find mountaintop ruins in Fortnite.

Fortnite Mountaintop Ruins Location

The mountaintop ruins are located on a snowy mountain in the southern part of the island. It’s not a named location, but you can recognize it by the strange stones that poke out of the summit. Check the map below for an exact location. Approach the stones and use any emote as Thor to complete the challenge and unlock the God of Thunder emote.


You must be wearing the Thor costume to finish this challenge. Wearing any other skin will do nothing. After completing this challenge, Thor will change his appearance and become infused with the power of lightning. You can change back into this form in other matches by performing the God of Thunder emote as Thor anywhere on the map. Using the emote again will transform Thor back to his normal look.

After dealing enough damage with Mjolnir, visiting Bifrost marks, and finally finding the mountaintop ruins, you will have completed all of Thor’s Awakening challenges. At this point, it’s time to move onto the many other Marvel heroes and get started on their challenges. You can’t work on a hero’s Awakening challenges until you unlock them, however, so you can’t get a headstart on unlocking Groot’s items without first unlocking him through the Battle Pass, for example.

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