Genshin Impact Fungus Mechanicus Guide: How to Complete All Stages and Get All Rewards

Check out how to get all of the rewards available as part of the event!

by Franklin Bellone Borges
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Genshin Impact‘s Fungus Mechanicus event is here, allowing players to assemble their chosen fungi and then help them prove their might against whatever may stand in their way. In order to help you get all of the event rewards available as well as turn your fungi into an unstoppable force, here’s how to complete all stages available in the Fungus Mechanicus event in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Fungus Mechanicus Guide: How to Complete All Stages and Get All Rewards

Before we start, it’s a must to have complete knowledge of what each fungus is capable of, as you will be able to use up to four of them to face the challenges of each stage. You can check out what each available fungus brings to the table below:

  • Bango-Head (Hydro): A Hydro fungus capable of dealing both single target and AoE Hydro DMG, as well as healing nearby allies with its Skill, Pìercing Waterdrop.
  • Duelblaze (Pyro): A fungus capable of dealing stances of Pyro damage, all while buffing its attack after each consecutive one performed. Its skill allows Duelblaze to perform a highly damaging AoE attack.
  • Twirly-Whirly (Anemo): Capable of dealing instances of Anemo damage and decreasing the Elemental Resistance of its targets after triggering a Swirl reaction. Its skill is focused on dealing a massive amount of AoE Anemo damage.
  • Blitzara (Electro): Capable of dealing Electro damage as well as actively decreasing the defense of targets after each hit. Its skill, Thunderbolt Twister, allows Blitzara to deal eight stances of AoE Electro damage.
  • Rocksteady (Geo): Capable of shielding the party against damage through the use of its skill. Deals single stances of Physical damage.
  • Kindlejoy (Pyro): Capable of dealing AoE Pyro damage with its normals as well as of creating a field of Pyro that will deal constant damage through the use of its skill. Kindlejoy’s attacks will also lower the attack of its targets for a limited time after a hit.
  • Gusto-Frosto (Cryo): Capable of dealing Cryo damage with its normals and creating an Ice vortex capable of dealing continuous elemental damage with its skill. The fungus is also able to heal itself after being attacked.
  • Magishroom (Dendro): Capable of dealing single-target Dendro DMG with both its normal and skill. It will heal the member of your party with the lowest HP after performing 3 attacks.
  • Stromstrees (Anemo): Capable of effectively healing in a large AoE while also clearing out elemental applications with its skill. Also capable of dealing fast ounces of single-target Anemo damage and increasing the EM and Movement Speed value of all fungi in the team.
  • Stormsage (Electro): Can deal conjunct Electro attacks thanks to its skill, as well as single-target damage with its normal. Has a high overall EM value.

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How to Complete Flame of Samadhi and Get All Rewards

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After completing the introductory stage, or Ordened Trial, you will be able to truly start the event by starting the Flame of Samadhi stage. As the stage will feature a total of two Flames of Panche (AoE Pyro), four Cleansing Flames (Pyro), and five Wicked Waves (Hydro) mechanici, we recommend that you make use of one Bongo-Head for healing/support, one Rocksteady for protection, as well as that of one Dualblaze and one Blitzara.

Once the stage starts, you will be able to easily defeat each horde by focusing on attacking the mechanici closest to one another at first, while making use of Blitzara’s skill to both deal Aoe damage and enable reactions, as well as that of Rocksteady in order to protect your party once the need presents itself.

Just remember to keep at least 3 energy particles in-store at all times so that you can make use of Bongo-Head’s skill to heal the party and proc both Electro-Charged and Vaporize for massive damage.

How to Complete Ice Clarity and Get All Rewards

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Differently from the previous stage, Ice Clarity will feature mostly Cryo and Hydro mechanici. To counter that and get all of the available rewards, we recommend that you make use of one Bongo-Head for healing/support, one Blitzara in order to make constant use of Electro-charged, and that of either two Kindlejoys or one Kindlejoy and one Duelblaze to deal massive damage.

Once the stage starts, just make sure to target the Cryo or Pyro (when present) mechanici first. During the first two hordes, separating the Bongo-Head from the rest of the fungi in order to draw fire as you quickly take down the mechanicus one by one through the use of both Kindlejoy and Blitzara’s skills is also recommended.

How to Complete Waterbag Barrier and Get All Rewards

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Since all mechanici featured as part of the stage will be capable of triggering damaging elemental reactions through the use of Overloaded. Electro-charged, and Vaporize, we recommend that you make use of Gusto-Frosto for its Aoe Cryo damage, as well as that of either Duelblaze, Kindlejoy, or Blitzara for their ability to deal active amounts of massive damage and trigger reactions.

Last but not least, we also recommend the use Bango-Head for its ability to actively heal and trigger Vaporize/Freeze and Magishroom for its ability to work as both a secondary healer and a main damage dealer.

Once the stage starts, it is key that you focus on making use of AoE skills in order to deal multitarget damage. It is also vital that you focus on dealing with the Electro and Pyro mechanici first, in order to stop your enemies from triggering damaging reactions.

To do that efficiently, we recommend that you divide your fungi into pairs, each taking charge of eliminating a set of targets. Just remember to always save three energy particles for healing.

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How to Complete Thundering Devices and Get All Rewards

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As all machinici on the stage will be focused on enabling and triggering Electro-Charged, we recommend that you make use of fungi capable of dealing AoE damage. Overall, we recommend that you make use of a team featuring one Kindlejoy, one Gusto-Frosto, one Stormsage, and one Stromstrees, the latter of which will be your main healer.

Once the stage starts, we recommend that you make constant use of Stormsage’s skill in order to increase your overall damage, as well as that of Stromstrees in order to heal all fungi in an AoE for a massive amount once the needs present themselves.

Don’t forget to also make use of the Mystic Blaze devices scattered across the battlefield if they are in advantageous positions. Once at the top of one, the device will continuously deal AoE Pyro damage.

How to Complete One in a Thousand and Get All Rewards

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As the One in a Thousand stage will feature the addition of two kinds of Mystic Phantasm capable of dealing AoE HYdro or Cryo damage to surrounding machinici as well as that of a few Ironbreachs capable of dealing massive physical damage to fungi, we recommend that make use of one Kindlejoy, one Stromstress, one Stormsage, and one Magishroom.

Once the stage starts, we recommend that you make use of Kindlejoy in order to perform reaction combos with the available Mystic Phantasm, all while using Stormsage to maximize your damage and Magishroom as utility support. Although your damage input will be more than enough to easily defeat all mechanics, don’t forget to also use Stromstrees’ skill in order to keep the party healthy.

How to Complete Storm-Proof… Not and Get All Rewards

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Differently from the previous stages, Storm-Proof… Not will feature the addition of Electro machinici capable of dealing damage in a bean-like fashion to all fungi on its path. To counter that, we recommend that you make use of the same formation used in the previous stage, featuring one Kindlejoy, one Stromstress, one Stormsage, and one Magishroom.

Once the stage begins, you will be able to easily overcome the mechanicus and unlock all rewards by going on the offensive through the use of Stormsage’s skill, we also recommend that you place Magishroom either on the Electro Mystic Phantasms or close to the former, in order to easily trigger reactions.

Overall, the most important thing in this stage will be survivability, so make sure to always have at least 6 energy particles ready in order to be able to actively perform back-to-back Stromstress’ skills and keep your party alive.

- This article was updated on March 28th, 2023

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