Genshin Impact: How to Unlock the Dendro Traveler

Time to get busy with Dendro!

by Gordon Bicker


Genshin Impact is thriving as always and players have been happily delving into all of the latest content of the game. There are always brilliant quests to experience just awaiting you to turn up and venture through them. Along with that, you may be trying to pull particular characters with the best ratings possible. All of the systems keep the flow of gameplay content moving along at a great pace and allow for a lot of community discussion. With patch 3.0, you may be wondering how to unlock the Dendro traveler in Genshin Impact and this guide article will take you through that process.

Unlocking the Dendro Traveler in Genshin Impact

Thankfully the process of getting the Dendro traveler is quite simple. All you will have to do is travel to the Sumeru region and then be sure to put the famed Traveler into your party. Once they are within your party and ready to go, you can then go to any Statue of the Seven within the region. Interact with the statue and opt to ‘resonate’ with the Dendro element.

When you have done this you will now have the Dendro Traveler. Time to enjoy all of the brilliant abilities that are with the Dendro element. The Sumeru region is a brilliant place to start testing all of these abilities out so be sure to take your Traveler on a tour of the area while you are there. It should be noted that to reach the Sumeru region you do not need to be fully up to date with each piece of Genshin Impact content, if you are already a good chunk through the game you will be able to reach it/walk there without any issue for your characters.

Genshin Impact is available at this very moment and playable for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, IOS, Android, and PC.

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