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Genshin Impact Hypostatic Symphony Event Guide

The Hypostatis cubes are back with a vengence.

by Brandon Adams


The latest Genshin Impact eventHypostatic Symphony – tasks travelers with taking down harder versions of the various Hypostasis bosses normally found out in the world of Teyvat. Naturally, there’s more to the event than overcoming a handful of bosses most of us already have on farm. The Hypostatic Symphony is a high-score oriented event, and only those who’ve dedicated massive amounts of time to Genshin Impact, or have a stable of high-level friends to call upon will clear its toughest challenges. Fret not my lower-level solo-minded compatriots: there’s still plenty to earn for us as well.

Hypostatic Symphony runs until January 31st, and you must be Adventure Rank 20 in Genshin Impact to participate.

The Hypostatic Symphony is pretty simple on paper: each day a specific Pure Hypostasis boss will become available as one of the seven challenges, and you have to tackle it to earn credit. Each of the seven challenges has a 60 Primogem reward attached to it, and you only need to clear the fight to earn the goods. There’s an event store with more rewards, but these trinkets are locked behind your total event score.


When you open your event page you’ll see the Hypostatic Symphony event and a tab that’ll take you to its location on the map. The event takes place in the northern region of Liyue, and you can teleport straight to it from the map icon. You can’t actually participate in the event if you are not at least Adventure Rank 20, however, and I recommend having a team of characters that are level 20 or higher (and are decently equipped for their level).

Selecting a challenge will highlight the specific Pure Hypostasis assigned to it (unless the challenge is unavailable, then you’ll be told how long until it unlocks). From this screen you’ll notice a couple of things: first is your total score next to the event shop at the top of the screen. This is represented by a diamond, and your cumulative score across all the challenges is what will determine which rewards you can redeem from the Hypostatic Symphony event shop. The higher your total score the more rewards, which cap out at 20,000 points for the last reward available.

Secondly, you’ll see four characters towards the bottom who have a boost available for that explicit Pure Hypostasis fight. These are a mix of the various characters available in Genshin Impact, to include both harder to earn 5-stars and more easily attained 4-stars, so if you are a free-to-play traveler you won’t need to stress too hard over your roster. The exact bonus will be listed above the character portraits.


Variations and Difficulty are the keys to a high-score.

When you opt to tackle the challenge you’ll click “Difficulty Level” at the bottom of the screen. A list of Variations will appear. Each one is worth a certain amount of points and are largely tailored around the Pure Hypostasis you are about to fight. Unlike the other Hypostasis bosses in Genshin Impact these have a handful of new mechanics (detailed in their description on the main page), and each Variation modifies the fight in some way to make it more difficult. The more you enable to more points you’ll earn upon completion, and at least one must be turned on to enter the fight.

Genshin Impact is an RPG at the end of the day, which means your characters can easily range from level 1 to level 90. This is  where the difficulty option at the top comes into play. There are four difficulties available in the Hypostatic Symphony event in Genshin Impact, and each acts as a multiplier for your score. You can’t add to your score by fighting the boss multiple times – only your highest score will be counted towards the event total, so these difficulty settings are how you boost it via their multipliers. They are:

  • Easy: Level 20 and 1x Multiplier
  • Normal: Level 40 and 1.5x Multiplier
  • Hard: Level 60 and 2.5x Multiplier
  • Expert: Level 80 and 4.5 Multiplier

To earn every reward in the Hypostatic Symphony event shop you’ll need to clear all seven challenges with a score of at least 2850, which means you’ll have to tackle every fight at Expert difficulty with multiple modifiers. Travelers who’ve spent the last few months grinding up a team or two of characters to level 80 and have equipped them with some of the best artifacts and weapons in Genshin Impact shouldn’t have too many issues with this, but if your roster is largely below level 80 and you haven’t committed to any builds you’ll need to tackle the Hypostatic Symphony in coop with friends or strangers to earn all the available rewards.

As I already mentioned, simply clearing a challenge will grant 60 Primogems, so if that’s all you care about go ahead and set the fight to Easy and pick the 300s timer Variation. If you want everything and you don’t have a powerful and well-equipped roster of characters you will need to join up with friends or randoms to overcome each challenge. There is no built in matchmaking for the Hypostatic Symphony event in Genshin Impact, so you will have to join other travelers in their world, or invite them to yours. Once you have a party assembled the host can queue everyone for the fight via the Hypostatic Symphony entrance. Just be sure to communicate what Variations and Difficulty are being used so everyone can prepare accordingly.

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