Genshin Impact Secret Room Key: The Narrows Puzzle Guide

Uncovering a secret hideout in Enkanomiya.

by Weilong Mao


Players may have stumbled upon a secret room key during their exploration of Enkanomiya, a newly added region in patch 2.4 of Genshin Impact. In particular, this is an item that players will have likely obtained during their playthrough of the world quest, Lotus Eater. In this locked cell with the item behind the NPC Adonis, tucked away in a common chest. Though the key itself does not factor into the completion of said world quest, it does lead to an area of interest that will prove fruitful for players looking to get their hands on a few more chests.

Where to use the Secret Room Key


By obtaining the secret room key in Genshin Impact, players can use it to open a secret chamber in The Narrows, located to the west of the first teleport point of the region, beneath a few cliff ledges in a secluded area. Upon approaching the stone gate in front of them, players will be prompted to use the key to open the door to the proceeding areas. Walking further inward, players will reach a dead end, with a corner filled with explosive barrels. Detonate the barrels to open a hole that will allow the player to pass through. This will lead the player to an area with several night-cycle changing mechanisms, and face to face with a makeshift puzzle that will need to be solved before the players can make further headway.

Assuming that the players entered the chamber whilst in Evernight, one of the devices will be inaccessible. Climb the stone railings to access the device on the right and change the cycle into Whitenight. This will open up the barriers to the left device, which the players will want to access next to change the cycle back to Evernight again so that they can access the cube mechanism right afterward. By doing so a nearby door will open, which is vital to the future steps of solving this puzzle.

Use the left device to change the cycle back to Whitenight again so that they can walk out of the barrier to the device located on the right, switch to Evernight to access the area previously sealed behind the door. Inside will be a shrine of coral branches which will give the player an essence that’ll allow players to access cycle-specific mechanisms even whilst in the opposite cycle. Touch it to gain Evernight essence, then change the night cycle to Whitenight again. This will bring to cause a triangular mechanism to apparate. Attack said mechanism with a character carrying Evernight essence and it will trigger the mechanism, causing the locked door behind it to open. Solving the puzzle and giving players access to the Precious chest at the end of the passageway. Though do not depart just yet. Head back to the start of the passageway, by the corner with a lantern is a wall imprinted with sigils, interact with it to see the following pattern.


Take a screenshot or memorize the patterns on the wall, this can be inputted at the shrine at Serpent’s Heart whilst in Evernight. Enter the doors in ascending order in accordance to the indents by the sigils that were seen at the hideout. If done correctly, three ruin guards will spawn beside the player and become immediately hostile. Defeat these ruin guards to obtain the final prize of this puzzle run, a luxurious chest.

Players can now either go back to completing the world quest Lotus Eater, which will earn them a Dragonbone Orb. Or explore the nooks and crannies of Enkanomiya that they’ve yet to set foot on.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Android, and iOS.

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