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Genshin Impact Tier List – Best Characters in the Game

These are the best characters in Genshin Impact.

by Diego Perez


Genshin impact is full of colorful characters to collect, but some are much better than others. Like all gacha games, Genshin Impact characters can be divided into several groups on a tier list. S Tier characters are the absolute cream of the crop, while C Tier characters are the weakest of the bunch. That’s not to say any characters are unusable in Genshin Impact, but there are definitely some characters you’ll be disappointed to see if you pull them from a Wish. These are the best characters in Genshin Impact, ranked by their power and utility.

S Tier

These are the best characters Genshin Impact has to offer. S Tier characters have little to no drawbacks in their design, making them some of the best fighters you can acquire.

  • Diluc – Arguably the best character in the game, Diluc has incredibly high damage for both his physical attacks and his elemental attacks. On top of that, his Pyro abilities make him a great choice for exploration.
  • Venti – Venti’s elemental attacks grant him a high spot on this list. His low cooldowns allow him to stay on the offensive, and his bow lets him target weak spots for bonus damage.
  • Qiqi – Qiqi’s Cryo skills are some of the best in the game. Her standard sword attacks deal decent damage, but her elemental abilities are the real star of the show, allowing her to heal allies and deal tons of Cryo damage.
  • Kequig – Keqing’s speed earns her a high spot on this list. Her one-handed sword attacks are very effective in combat, and her Electro elemental abilities are some of the best in the game.
  • Jean – Jean’s abilities and attacks are strong enough, especially her ability that lets her launch enemies, but her first passive ability earns her a spot this high on the list. It allows her to heal all party members with her normal attacks, which is incredibly useful during combat.

A Tier

A Tier characters fall just short of reaching the top. They’re excellent characters, but they’re just not quite good enough to be S Tier.

  • Chongyun – Chongyun is one of the best Cryo characters in the game. His Claymore does a lot of damage, and he can even deal Cryo damage with its standard attacks by using his elemental skill.
  • Xiao – Xiao’s elemental abilities place him this high on the tier list. They grant him greater mobility than most of the game’s roster. He’s also the best polearm user in the game by a large margin.
  • Fischl – Fischl’s bow isn’t anything special, but her elemental ability is one of the best in the game. It summons a raven that can deal Electro damage. The raven stays out for a long time and can easily trigger elemental combos.
  • Razor – Razor just hits really, really hard. His claymore attacks deal large damage, and his elemental skill is perfect for triggering combos. His elemental burst is great too, imbuing his melee attacks with Electro damage.
  • Mona – Mona’s unique movement skills set her apart from the rest of the roster. Her Hyrdo abilities are great for setting up combos, and her Catalyst weapon doesn’t hurt either.
  • Klee – Klee’s abilities are all about explosions, making her perfect for dealing with large crowds of enemies. If you can afflict a large number of enemies with the correct element, Klee’s Pyro explosions can set off a massive combo.
  • Barbara – Barbara is a great healer that can keep a party going throughout the toughest encounters. She might not deal the most damage, but she can easily set up combos with her Hydro abilities.

B Tier

B Tier characters are painfully average. Sure, they’re fine, but there are tons of things about them that could be better.

  • Traveler (Wind) – The main character isn’t terrible, but they’re not as great as some of the other wind characters you can pull. Anemo skills are still great to have though because of their ability to spread elements.
  • Sucrose – Sucrose has decent elemental skills, but her ability to use a Catalyst as a weapon prevents her from being lower on this list. She’s just a decent Anemo character and not much more.
  • Ningguang – Ningguang is a great long-range attacker thanks to her Catalyst, and she can take a lot of hits because of her shield ability. Her elemental burst is powerful too.
  • Lisa – Lisa’s Electro abilities are great for setting off combos, but her standard attacks are lackluster. Still, her charged elemental skill is a great AoE attack to have early in the game.
  • Xiangling – Xiangling’s attacks lack power, but her Pyro abilities are great for setting off combos. Her elemental burst is her saving grace, as it deals massive Pyro damage is a large area.

C Tier

C Tier characters are the weakest characters in the game. They’re alright as your first ever pull, but you’ll spend most of your time just wishing you pulled just about anyone else.

  • Traveler (Earth) – The main character with Geo abilities is not as good as the one with Anemo abilities. His elemental abilities can deal damage in large areas, but wind skills are much more useful in combat.
  • Kaeya – Kaeya doesn’t deal that much damage with his sword, and his Cryo attacks are underwhelming. They get the job done, but there are much better Cryo characters to choose from.
  • Amber – Amber’s bow and Pyro abilities are pretty much only useful during exploration. She’s fine for long-ranged fights, but her elemental abilities aren’t the greatest.
  • Xingqiu – Xingqiu’s elemental burst attack is great for covering foes with water to set up Hydro combos, but not much else stands out about her.
  • Beidou – Beidou’s claymore attacks are her primary focus, and her elemental abilities are meant to supplement her standard attacks. She can imbue her sword with Electro damage with her elemental burst or block damage with her elemental skill, but these are still pretty lackluster abilities in the grand scheme of things.
  • Bennett – Bennett’s unorthodox abilities give him a unique fighting style, but like most of the other characters in this tier, he’s outclassed by the rest of the cast. His elemental burst can heal and buff allies though, which is a nice touch.
  • Noelle – There’s a reason Noelle is guaranteed to drop with the Beginner’s Wish. Noelle’s abilities are lackluster in every regard. Her shield can keep her alive during tough fights and her claymore can deal decent damage, but there are much better characters to have in your party.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PS4, and mobile devices. The game is coming to Nintendo Switch at a later date.

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