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Genshin Impact – What Are Ley Lines, How to Complete Ley Lines

Need money or character experience in a pinch? Ley Lines!

by Brandon Adams


Genshin Impact has a variety of activities scattered about its massive world, to include Ley Lines – magical conduits with potent rewards. There are two types with two different Adventure Rank requirements, but they won’t take you long to reach. It’s the “Resin” stamina requirement you have to worry about.

Ley Lines in Genshin Impact are unlocked at Adventure Rank 8 and 12.

Ley Lines come in two flavors within Genshin Impact: Revelation and Wealth. Ley Lines of Revelation are unlocked at Adventure Rank 8, and a short quest will take you to the Adventure Guild and provide a quick rundown as to how they work. Ley Lines of Wealth are unlocked at Adventure Rank 12, and that’s the last of them (at least until more are added; if more are added).

Ley Lines of Revelation are blue wisps on your map, and they will provide character experience materials. Lay Lines of Wealth, on the other hand, are golden wisps that give you Mora (Genshin Impacts in-game “gold” currency). Both of them will require 20 Resin to unlock, but that’s only after you complete the challenge associated with them. You can always pick the fight and walk away without the spoils, if you so choose.

To complete a Ley Line, head to its location on the map and interact with it. You’ll have to clear a small wave on enemies, and once you do a blossom will appear. To pop open the blossom for its rewards you’ll have to spend 20 Resin, though the game does ask you if you wish to do so, which is a nice safety net. Remember, Resin takes time or Primogems to resupply, so if you have other tasks in Genshin Impact you wish to complete for the day you may want to skip out on Ley Lines entirely. Complete these when you need either character experience materials, or money in a pinch.

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