Ghostwire Tokyo: Zashiki-Warashi Side Quest Guide

Kick the Landlord spirit out.

by Noah Nelson


Ghostwire Tokyo‘s city isn’t only littered with the clothes of the vanished, it is also littered with dozens of different yokai. Yokai, if you don’t know, are spirits and supernatural entities from Japanese folklore. One of the early yokai you get to meet is a Zashiki-Warashi from the side quest with the same name. Whether you are looking for an easy way to collect Matagama to unlock the best skills or just want to feed some lost and hungry spirit children, here is everything you need to know to complete the Zashiki-Warashi side quest in Ghostwire Tokyo.

How to Complete the Zashiki-Warashi Side Quest

After the Clearing the Fog mission in Chapter 2, the Zashiki-Warashi side quest will become available. To start it, you need to talk to the spirit of the old woman who needs your help clearing out an angry landlord spirit in her house.

Enter the house and use your Spirit Senses to scan for important items in the house. One of the items is locked in a lockbox that requires a key. As you explore the house, there will be a wall that you can examine. KK tells you to use his powers on it which reveals the key. Now you can open the lockbox which reveals the floor plan of the house. There is a room on the floor plan that is scratched out. Go to the right side of the house and, once you’re facing the wall of the scratched-out area, use Spirit Senses to reveal the room.

Inside is the Landlord’s Specter who is not happy to see you. Press L2 to put a hand seal on the Landlord. Then, seal it by following the pattern. Use the right stick or the pad to go up and in a circle. Then use R2 and L2 to seal away the Landlord’s Specter. With him gone, place the treat the old woman spirit gave you into the bowl. The Zashiki-Warashi will appear and tell you to come outside and talk to the old woman spirit. After she is freed, receive the Zashiki-Warashi’s power which is a Magatama used for unlocking skills. You will also be rewarded with 3,000 Meika and 500 Spirits.

The Zashiki-Warashi side quest in Ghostwire: Tokyo will allow you to find more Zashiki-Warashi throughout Tokyo which all give you one Magatama for freeing them. Side quests like this that reward you with one Magatama each are all over Tokyo. Some of the yokai side quest examples are Rokurokubi, Ittan-momen, and Kappa. For more, check out our Ghostwire: Tokyo guides.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is available March 25, 2022, on PlayStation 5 and PC.

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