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Grounded – Fallen Oak Branch Location – Complete Marker at Fallen Oak Branch

The branch is in the southern part of the backyard.

by Diego Perez


After completing Grounded‘s initial tutorial and finishing the game’s available story content, you’ll meet a robot named BURG.L who serves as your main mission giver for the time being. Seeing how Grounded is still in Early Access, BURG.L won’t be giving you any new story missions until a new update is released, but he does have some work for you in the meantime. Completing BURG.L’s missions rewards you with Raw Science, an important currency that can be exchanged for new items and crafting recipes. One of these missions asks you to complete a marker at the Fallen Oak Branch, but the location is unfortunately not marked on your map.

Grounded Fallen Oak Branch Location

The Fallen Oak Branch is located in the southern part of the backyard. Although its exact location is not marked on the map, you can still see a pretty obvious outline of a branch on your map screen. Just head directly south of the Mysterious Machine and you’re bound to run into this giant branch. If you’re having trouble finding it, however, just head to the location pictured on the map below.


After reaching the location pictured above, the highlighted marker location should be fairly easy to spot. To complete the marker at the Fallen Oak Branch, you’ll need 1 Clover Leaf, 2 Plant Fiber, and 1 Sprig. If you’re short on supplies, plenty of the required crafting materials can be found in the area surrounding the Fallen Oak Branch. To finish the mission, walk to the highlighted area and construct the marker. After doing so, the mission will be over and you’ll earn some Raw Science as a reward.

The southern part of the backyard isn’t the most dangerous area of Grounded’s map, but there are still hostile bugs and spiders that will give you a hard time if they discover you. Make sure to bring the appropriate gear to defend yourself, and be sure to watch out for spiders. If you’re feeling brave, you could head just a little bit further south and obtain the Rotten Larva Blade, which is a powerful weapon that you can analyze to obtain more crafting recipes.

- This article was updated on:July 31st, 2020

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