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Grounded – How to Get Berry Leather

Craft some Berry Leather to upgrade your tools.

by Diego Perez


Berry Leather is an incredibly important resource in Grounded, but you’ll have to brave the furthest corners of the backyard to obtain it. Berry Leather is not harvested naturally. Instead, it is crafted using Berry Chunks, which can be acquired from, you guessed it, berries. Berries can be found in one specific location in the backyard, but there are many dangerous bugs and spiders along the way. Make sure you’re properly prepared before heading out because it can be very hard to avoid these threats when you’re looking for berries.

How to Get Berry Leather in Grounded

Berry Leather is crafted using 3 Berry Chunks. Berry Chunks can be obtained by chopping a berry with an axe. Berries are located in the far southeastern corner of the map. You’ll come across a massive bush that looks like a giant impenetrable wall, but the berries are actually growing on that bush. They’re hanging from the lowest branches of the bush, but your small size unfortunately makes them a bit difficult to reach through normal means. If you have a bow, you can shoot them down, but if you don’t have any sort of ranged weaponry, you’re going to have to find one that’s on the ground. Just chop a berry with your axe to obtain Berry Chunks. Watch out for spiders though!


Once you’ve acquired 3 Berry Chunks, you’re ready to craft some Berry Leather. You can only craft Berry Leather at a Workbench, so you need to construct one if you haven’t already. The Workbench recipe is unlocked by placing Sap in an Analyzer. Once you know the recipe, it costs 4 Sprigs, 2 Sap, and 3 Grass Planks. Simply interact with the Workbench and you’ll be able to craft Berry Leather. It’s in the Materials tab next to Woven Fiber. Berry Leather is used in a variety of advanced crafting recipes in Grounded, so be sure to stock up on this rare resource whenever you can.