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Grounded – Where to Find Grubs and Grub Hide

Grubs hide underground.

by Diego Perez


Grubs are some of the smallest and least harmful bugs in Grounded, but that doesn’t mean they’re not important. Grub Hide is used in a few very important crafting recipes, including the Canteen and Grub Vest, so it’s important to stock up whenever have an opportunity to do so. Thankfully, Grubs are not that hard to find, and getting Grub Hide from them is even easier. It does require a specific tool, but that’s easy to get too.

Where to Find Grubs in Grounded

Grubs can be found burrowing underground near the oak tree. They’re usually digging around by the tree’s roots. You can’t do anything to them while they’re underground, so you’ll need to dig them up with an Acorn Shovel. The Acorn Shovel recipe is learned by analyzing Woven Fiber, and you can craft it with 2 Sprigs, 1 Woven Fiber, and 1 Acorn Shell. Sprigs can be picked up anywhere in the backyard, Woven Fiber is crafted from Plant Fiber which can also be found everywhere, and Acorn Shells are obtained by smashing acorns with a hammer. After crafting an Acorn Shovel, search for Grubs digging around in the dirt and dig them up.


How to Get Grub Hide in Grounded

After digging up a Grub, it will flop around on the ground defenseless. Just hit it a few times with your weapon of choice and collect the Grub Hide from its corpse. Alongside Grub Hide, grubs can also drop Grub Meat and Grub Goop. Grub materials are used in various crafting recipes, so it might be a good idea to spend a good chunk of time searching for grubs. A canteen, for example, is crafted using Grub Hide, and it can save you a lot of trouble when it comes to finding water. Armor pieces like the Grub Vest and Grub Goggles can also be made with grub materials, and protection is very important in the backyard.

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