GTA Online January 20 Prize Ride: How to Get Calico GTF

Here's how you can get the Calico GTF.

by Shubhendu Vatsa


The GTA Online Los Santos Tuners update saw the addition of a new The Prize Ride Challenge feature and this week, players can earn the Karin Calico GTF free as the GTA Online’s Prize Ride January 20 vehicle. With the Prize Ride challenge, players every week get the chance to earn a brand new ride for free by performing certain in-game challenges.

A new week has begun in the game and with this weekly update, you can avail some huge discounts on a wide variety of vehicles and property upgrades. This article will guide players on completing the GTA Online January 20 Prize Ride challenge in order to get the Calico GTF.

GTA Online January 20 Prize Ride: How to Get Calico GTF

​As already stated, in order to get free vehicles from the GTA Online Prize Ride, you will need to perform a specific quest. To get the Calico GTF in GTA Online, you’ll need to win (or place in the top two) in a Street Race Series each day for five consecutive days to complete the Prize Ride challenge. There are various races available, including:

  • Head-to-Head
  • Scramble
  • Time Trials
  • Street Race Series
  • Pursuit Series
  • Sprint

Winning the race for all five days in a row will grant you the vehicle. Prize Ride challenges usually take several days to complete, so it’s no surprise that the January 20 Prize Ride challenge is this long. However, you might want to complete the challenge as soon as possible because players will only be able to get this excellent vehicle until January 27, 2022. The Calico GTF in GTA Online can set you back a whopping $1,995,000 in-game and if you had been eyeing the vehicle, Rockstar has heard your prayers, as players can get one for free as this week’s prize.

The Calico GTF is a two-door civilian sports car and was added to the game with the Los Santos Tuners update. As per the official description of the Calico GTF: “Ah, the 90’s. Out of a chaotic fusion of grunge, dial-up, and third-wave feminism came the Karin Calico GTF, a car that took a little bit of everything and made something new: muscle heritage, rally chops, street racer cred. Looks like it’s time to drop the sticky VHS and curtain your hair, homeskillet: you’ve got some homework to do.”

GTA V is available now and is playable on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

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