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Halo Infinite: How to Ping and Mark Items

It's time to use the ping!
Master Chief standing over an expansive vista

Halo Infinite has now entered the beta phase and players are beginning to experience the highly anticipated title for the first time. Along with the core experience, new features have been added to the Halo Series through this latest instalment and one of these is the new Halo Infinite Ping and Mark system. Notably, this will allow players to easily mark important items and equipment on the battlefield for their teammates or even marking general locations where vital information could be gained from viewing the ping. Enemies and even vehicles can also be marked by yourself or other players on your team.

How to Ping in Matches

In order to ping anything on the battlefield—depending on what platform you play on—what you need to do will differ. If you are playing on PC; the ping can be activated by pressing ‘X’ on your keyboard. However, if you are playing on Xbox, the ping is set in motion by pressing up on the controller’s directional pad otherwise known as the ‘d-pad’.

You will be able to ping anywhere within the maps and you will notice when you have successfully pinged what you were planning to as there is a clear sound heard when you as the player pings.

What Other Features Does the Halo Infinite Ping and Mark System Offer?

Communication is key in multiplayer when wanting to win matches tactically and with ease; the ‘mark system’ allows players to do this effectively and not only will it be shown on screen, it will also be shown in the log/killfeed at the side of the screen when something has been marked such as an enemy.

Due to the fact that anywhere on the map can be pinged, the information may need more clarity in order to be understood by the team and henceforth the marked area will showcase a U.I element with text indicating the name of the area located at the ping allowing players to converge on the mark easily and efficiently.

Halo Infinite releases on the 8th of December for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

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