Harvestella: How to Build a Hammer

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by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you wondering how to build a Hammer in Harvestella so you can complete the tutorial? To take care of your farm, you must craft specific tools and unlock specific abilities. One of the tools you need is the Hammer. During the tutorial, you will need to destroy rocks in your garden to open up more space to plant seeds and grow crops. To destroy rocks, you need the Hammer. Grab your pickaxe and sing your best rendition of Heigh-Ho as off to work, you’ll go with these easy steps to building a hammer.

How to Build a Hammer in Harvestella

During Chapter, which is called The One From Beyond, you will meet the good doctor Cres in Lethe Village. He will gift seeds you can plant on your newly acquired farm. After planting these seeds, Cres will recommend gathering enough Hard Stone to craft a Hammer, allowing you to destroy rocks that are taking up valuable farm space.

What Materials do I Need to Craft a Hammer?

You need to farm 10 Hard Stones to craft the Hammer. You can find Hard Stone at a location east o your farm, called Njord Steppe. You can farm a limited number of Hard Stones in one day, and farming materials will respawn daily. This means you will need to collect these over a period of a few days. Collect what you can, return to your farm, progress to the next day by sleeping, and return to Njord Steppe. Repeat this process until you have enough Hard Stone.

Where Do I Craft a Hammer?

Once you have gathered enough Hard Stone, you will unlock a cutscene where the Mayor explains how the workbench works. Once this is completed, he will hand you the Hammer recipe. You can now craft a Hammer using the workbench located at your home. Interact with the workbench, select the Hammer recipe, and click the Create button.

Harvestella is available now on Nintendo Switch and PC.

- This article was updated on November 7th, 2022

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