Have a Nice Death Launch Update 1.0: Full Patch Notes Listed

Welcome to the Afterlife!

by Noah Nelson
Image: Magic Design Studios

Have a Nice Death has been in early access for a while and, with its official launch date on March 22, 2023, there is a myriad of new features detailed in the patch notes. With a brand new area to explore, new bosses to encounter, and tons of new secrets, Have a Nice Death’s official release is looking everything but bleak.

Have a Nice Death Patch Notes 1.0

If you are new to Have a Nice Death, you have a lot to look forward to. This 2D action roguelike has a lot of weapons, a lot of dungeons, and a lot of replayability. It’s already a well-received game and it’s only going to get better now that it is coming to the Switch and other consoles.

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With this massive patch notes, Have a Nice Death now has a lot of bug fixes, balancing changes, and, of course, new features. Here is everything coming to Have a Nice Death in the 1.0 patch notes:

Have a Nice Death New Content

New World: Inevitable Time Department (after Natural Disasters Department)

  • 5 new enemies: Destinatus, Pendulus, Tempus, Dustin, Kookoo.
  • 1 Miniboss: The Bridgets
  • 1 Boss: Time

Boss secret & endings

  • When a player defeats the Inevitable Time Department boss, 3 lockers appear in the next run: One in the shop, one in the breakroom, and one before entering a mini boss room.
  • Opening these lockers will give an artefact.
  • The player has to collect the 3 artefacts and kill Time to reach the new secret boss.

New intriguing floor to several worlds

New weapons

  • 3 new spells: Nihillaser, AnvilLauch, Void rift
  • 3 new cloaks: Vampire battery, Beaststell, Excavore

More than 30 new curses

  • Some new curses make your INFUSE evolve, for instance: Burn will now trigger an explosion at the end of the duration

New option in the menu: Hide damage number

New UI feature: Contracts’ progression.

  • After selecting a contract with Joe, the player can see the progress of this ongoing contract during the run: a message insight will pop up while entering the breakroom or Death office (lobby).

New Gameplay Elements (GPEs) & Pickups

  • Temporal platforms in World 8 (Inevitable Time Department)
  • Spectral Coverage: Negate the next attack the player receives.
  • Remove Ibuprofane pick-up: We felt the intent of the pickup wasn’t interesting enough and preferred to remove it
  • Quantum Soulary: Gives the player Soulary if he manages to reach the elevator without getting hit
  • New food items: Artichoke – Raspberry Jello – Collecting soulary have a chance to heal the player
  • Added mysterious lockers to open

More than 600 new lines of dialogs

New storyline quests: The strike, Air conditioning conflict, It’s pretzel day, and more.

New worker guide entries


Have a Nice Death Balancing Changes

Re-balancing the overall economy, Weapons, Curses


  • Change price of forge upgrade
  • 50 / 100 / 150 to 50 -> 125 -> 250
  • We felt like it was way too quick to completely upgrade a weapon


  • Increase price of Legendary Weapon from 30 soulary to 50 soulary
  • Increase price of Curse in shop from 50 to 75 soulary


  • Change the health value & attack damage of several enemies:
  • Natural Disasters department:
  • Rockster: 230 -> 175 HP / Damage from 20 -> 15
  • Magmaboy–X8: 1500 -> 1200 HP
  • Flambush: 800 -> 600 HP / Damage from 30 -> 20
  • Sparky: 150 -> 120 HP / Damage from 25 -> 20
  • Drowned: 275 -> 250 HP
  • Tempestilent: 325 -> 250 HP


  • Mr Hector Krank: 4000 -> 5000 HP
  • Maxx: 3900 -> 4500 HP
  • Waldo: 3000 -> 3400 HP / Damage raised (deal either 15 or 20 damage depending attacks)
  • Ms Catherine Imamura: 12500 -> 11000 HP (rebalance damage, some attacks deal more, some less)


  • Camille Flage: 4700 -> 6100 HP

Base Scythe

  • Buff Charge attacks – Damage from 35 -> 45 & 50 -> 85
  • Buff charge dash – Damage from 15 -> 35 & 35 -> 70
  • Forge Lvl1 Damage from +2 to +5
  • Forge Lvl2 damage from +5 to +8
  • Forge Lvl3 damage from +10 to +15

Diss Scythe

  • Forge Lvl3 damage from +8 to +10
  • Cotation damage per cent reduced

Parasol 1.0

  • Finisher damage from 15 -> 30
  • Forge Lvl1 defense from +3 to +2
  • Forge Lvl2 damage from +10 to 15 / Defense from +3 to +5
  • Forge Lvl3 damage from +25 to +20 / Defense from +5 to +8


  • Tweak the movement during 4 & 5th attack
  • Forge Dash cooldown from 0.1 to 0.15
  • Forge Lvl3 damage from +8 to +10


  • Added one hit during 3 attack
  • Forge Lvl1 damage from +5 to +10
  • Forge Lvl2 damage from +10 to +15
  • Forge Lvl3 damage from +20 to +25


  • Forge Legendary damage from +75% to +50%
  • Forge Lvl1 damage from +5 to +10
  • Forge Lvl2 damage from +8 to +15


  • Forge Lvl1 damage from +50 to +75
  • Forge Lvl2 damage from +100 to +125
  • Forge Lvl3 damage to +150 to +200


  • Forge Lvl2 damage from +10 to +20


  • Increase base damage by 1


  • Increase base damage to 85

Death Star

  • Increase base damage to 65
  • Increase Frenzy damage to base 50
  • Forge Scythe damage from +8 to + 15 & +10 to +20

Shake Spear

  • Shorten the windup of the frenzy by 0.6s


  • Shorten the windup of the frenzy by 0.6s
  • Forge damage from +15 to 25 & +35 to +55

Murray of Crows

  • Increase base damage to 30

Whirl Dagger

  • Increase base damage to 30
  • Forge Lvl2 damage from +10 to +20


  • Increase base damage to 35
  • Forge Lvl1 damage from +5 to +10
  • Forge Lvl2 damage from +15 to +20
  • Forge Lvl3 damage from +25 to +30

Fire Arrow

  • Forge damage from +10 to +15

Dark Talons

  • Forge Lvl1 damage from +5 to +10
  • Forge Lvl2 damage from +10 to +25


  • Bonus damage on upgrade now in % ( scale better on frenzy)
  • Forge mana cost from -15 to -10 & -30 to -25

Poisoned Gift

  • Reduce number of projectile during the frenzy
  • Forge bonus now apply to frenzy
  • Forge Lvl3 damage from +8 to +10
  • Forge Poison bonus stack from +2 to +3


  • Forge mana cost from -15 to -25


  • Forge Lvl1 damage from +5 to +10
  • Forge Lvl2 damage from +7 to +20
  • Forge Lvl2 damage from +8 to +35
  • Forge Burn bonus duration from +2 to 3 & +3 to +5

Poison Mist

  • Forge Manacost from -5 to -15


  • Forge Lvl1 damage from +5 to +10
  • Forge Lvl1 damage from +10 to +20
  • Forge Lvl1 damage from +15 to +35


  • Forge Lvl2 damage from +10 to +7
  • Forge Lvl3 damage from +15 to +10

Spiteful Chomper

  • Modify the movement of the projectile
  • Increase base damage to 10
  • Forge Damage from +7 to +10 and +15 to +20

Voracious Burst

  • Increase base damage to 45
  • Forge damage from +5 to +25 and +15 to +50
  • Forge bonus lifesteal reduced ( to accompany the upgrade in damage)


  • Increase base damage to 25


  • Add bonus damage when upgrading the weapon (+5 & +10)


  • Increase base damage to 15

Sepulchral Ray

  • Increase base damage to 20


  • Forge Lvl3 damage from +20 to +15

Lyberis Skulls

  • Increase base damage to 30
  • Forge Lvl2 damage from +10 to +15
  • Forge Lvl3 damage from +25 to +30


  • Decrease damage to 15
  • Rework movement of the spell, now capture enemy

Many curses have been tweaked: We have buff base stats curses offering HP or Mana for instance. Many infuse builds have also been buffed such as BURN damage curses taking a big UP.

Have a Nice Death Bug Fixes

  • We are aware that crashes occurred on specific integrated graphics cards and our devs are working to find a proper fix. The problem seems to be an issue with Intel’s GPU drivers and DirectX11. Please, before playing, check if your drivers are up to date. And if you still have the issue, we added compatibility with DirectX12 which seems to fix the problem on some GPUs. This option can be activated by adding the following command in the “Game Launch Options” of the game on Steam: -force-d3d12
  • Under certain conditions, some enemies can spawn in double in the arenas.
  • The timer of the pickable items with status doesn’t stop during loading between floors.
  • Some animation issues may occur on Sorrows if the player has the curse “Short Fuse“.
  • In the elevator of the lobby (Jocelyn), if the player chooses a contract and cancels it, the visual icons of the contracts are duplicated in the menu.
  • The VFX of GPE lockers in Break room are activated even if the player has no anima.
  • SFX or animation issues can occur during cutscenes when speeded up.
  • Narrative items from storyline quests are not visible when spawned.
  • If the player gets a food item from the break room, then runs through a department and gets the same food a second time before the end of the 1st one, the timer of the status is not reset.
  • Floplexil codex entry shows only after killing a flying Pill
  • When the player triggers the temporary effect of a weapon, the timer never reappears after the first time it disappeared.
  • NPC Hariet is in the foreground in relation to Spookman enemy during the combat tutorial.
  • Player’s dash is reduced when the player is against a wall and the avatar flips and the player is pressing the dash button rapidly.
  • NPC Pump Quinn may be spawned in the air in the Physical Diseases Department.
  • The UI of the upgraded Selenite displays the raw damages added to the bonus damages.
  • Leaving the Upgrade Tree GPE’s Menu causes the Esc/B button to play a sound on each press.
  • Bubble dialog does not spawn after getting a curse with NPC Mr O’Shah.
  • Thanager X4-H’s “bounce attack” locked against the wall.
  • Upgrading the Shop plays “failure” animation and SFX if the player has one Prismium.
  • Focus spell’s basic effect doesn’t work.
  • Description of the Lvl3 upgrade of the Mordicine does not match with the in-game effect.
  • Description of Mordicine spell does not match with the real effects.
  • The ‘Tineidagogue’ curse launches crows instead of Butterflies. Now the curse is named “Covus Nefas”
  • The Infuse status does not work on some weapons which have Infuse status in their kit.
  • FPS Performance decrease occurs when a few factors are mixed together: spells with several VFX, numbers of enemies etc.
  • Jerry’s idle animation is missing on frame and is invisible.
  • Some visual and text elements are missing in the worker guide menu.
  • An entry in the Codex is written in Spanish in the Portuguese version of the game
  • The dialogue window during the conversation with Waldo shows the wrong name speaker (“Major Warren Pliskan”) in the last quote.
  • Dialogues are missing during the fight with B. Proudfoot) starting with the third attempt and onwards.
  • The curses “Power Nap” and “What Do You Mean, Running Late?” don’t work.
  • Breakdown XIII is written as Breakdown XII in the Run History.
  • Food items (Sticky Pineapple, Death Burger, Club Sandwichazord) are missing the bubble art in the Lobby Gallery.
  • Josianne’s gift does not directly offer certain weapons after purchasing them.
  • The player could lose the multiple stacks earned in a floor if he goes to another floor.
  • The Imposter enemy stays in the air for a short period of time before falling down.
  • Upgraded Cloaks show base statistics after being dropped, instead of the upgraded ones.
  • Multiple entries in the worker guide seem to be impossible to unlock.
  • The Dirty Dagger’s frenzy attack cooldown does not reset properly if a second frenzy attack is launched.
  • Inconsistent dot placements in the descriptions of Curses in the Curse Manager menu.
  • When the Waldo Box enemy grabs the player, the distance of the player movement will be the same.
  • Dengue King Dengue’s fast attack does not follow the direction of the FX.
  • Buying 5 item slots upgrade to Joe without unlocking the previous only gives +1 slot.
  • Fire Arrow and Revelation Bow are blocked by skeleton hands obstacles, even if they have been eliminated.
  • Some texts are untranslated.
  • Some enemies inflict a knockback effect in the opposite direction of the attack.
  • “Profit Sharing” Curse has no effect on the Arena Reward.
  • Frenzy attack has no effect when the player Swaps weapons.
  • Curse reroll does not retain after re-open the menu of Mr O’Shah.
  • The longer worker guide entries cannot be rewound by any input from the keyboard and mouse.
  • Dirty Dagger didn’t work properly.
  • Some curses are incorrectly placed in the encyclopedia according to the rank order.
  • A visible gap may be found in the floor in the Lobby.
  • Some weapons who apply status lose it when they are upgraded.
  • “Self-Fulfillment” promotion system level does not have a little arrow in the UI.
  • Harriet may not appear next to the Scythe Selection gpe.
  • Multiple issues with art and UI present in the Credits.
  • Death’s HP stays the same after defeating a Boss on easy mode.
  • Curse “Anima Lambic” has a confusing description.
  • The UI lines for level 7 and level 10 of the permanent upgrade are written twice.
  • The Bridgets weaver didn’t have the lowlife feedback.
  • White square offset in boss health bar.
  • The curse “Daredevil” is refreshed whenever the player enters a new floor. This allows the player to trigger the curse multiple times per run.
  • Breakdown 15 modifier suggests that the HP will be set to a negative value.
  • Short Koffee item description is inconsistent with other injury heals.
  • ManaPower item description is incomplete and might confuse new players.
  • Hypothermia has an incorrect description.
  • The timer of a food item is not reset when the second time this same item has been picked up.
  • In the Industrial Pollution Department starting rooms, a “line” that “split” the art is visible.
  • The pure healing provides but the easy Mode only works in the Hall of Eternity world.
  • When the curse “Short Fuse” is applied with the Infuse, the animation of the Sorrow has some issues.
  • If players buy a curse with a danger in the shop just before a boss fight, they can get a danger related to the current world. The danger becomes ineffective.
  • Player game over screen animation does not play properly.
  • When skipping the miniboss and boss cutscenes, some sound issues appeared.

- This article was updated on March 21st, 2023

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