Hogwarts Legacy: All Eye Chest Locations in Hogsmeade

by Gordon Bicker

Hogwarts Legacy has a lot of exploration for players to undertake and some of this will be all about hunting out eyeball chests for extra rewards. These particular chests can only be opened after you have acquired the Disillusionment charm/spell in the game. This means that there is some work that you have to do beforehand in order to actually open these chests up. Nonetheless, when you are ready to seek them out, there are plenty of chests that you can start with finding in Hogsmeade. This article will take you through all Eye Chest locations within Hogsmeade in Hogwarts Legacy.

All Eyeball Chest Locations in Hogsmeade for Hogwarts Legacy

Eyeball Chest in Hogsmeade #1


Starting off with some lovely scenery for chest numero uno you can make your way to the designated number area for ‘1’ as shown on the cover image. When you are there, you will notice that there is a path leading down underneath the bridge. Next to the running river, you will notice a small indented arch area and the Eye chest will be there waiting for you.

Eyeball Chest in Hogsmeade #2


This side-eyeing chest can be found up past the previous bridge area and around the side of the house. When you are here, it will be found sitting next to a fence for you to go and grab. This one isn’t too much issue to get to. You may also appreciate the nice view overlooking Hogsmeade from up here so it’s worth hanging around some more to enjoy.

Eyeball Chest in Hogsmeade #3


The third chest is certainly a lot sneakier than some of the other chests — found in the graveyard area, you will be able to find this chest hidden behind one of the structures. Refer to the map numbers if you need some extra help with the precise location of the chest.

Eyeball Chest in Hogsmeade #4


As for the fourth chest, you will actually find this inside the shop known as Dogweed and Deathcap. When you are inside the store you will be able to explore and find the chest waiting in one of the corners next to cactus-looking plants. While you are there, it is worth talking to the shopkeeper for some enjoyable dialogue.

Eyeball Chest in Hogsmeade #5


Directly above the previous store mentioned you will find the chest we have marked as the fifth one. It is simply on the roof so you just have to walk around the right side of the store when outside the building and make your way up to the top. At the precipice of the stairs, the Eye Chest will be staring you down as you walk closer.

Eyeball Chest in Hogsmeade #6


The sixth chest can be located after you cross the bridge quite close to the other store. There is a side building area with a wooden overhang canopy overhead. This is where you will find the chest after getting across the bridge and turning to your left in this area.

Eyeball Chest in Hogsmeade #7


As you continue down the path, you will notice an area that slinks down off to the right-hand side and you can follow that path downwards in the area. The chest will be sitting against the wall and you can simply proceed to open it after you have made your way down and have the required spell of Disillusionment.

Eyeball Chest in Hogsmeade #8


This chest is a bit of a way off from the main village, refer to the cover image map and head to the eighth chest area. When you are there you will have to make your way around the back of the building and you will find it located next to some barrels. It’s in quite a dark and gloomy place so if you missed it while searching around yourself it absolutely makes sense why — these chests can be well hidden away.

Eyeball Chest in Hogsmeade #9


For the ninth chest, you can follow the left side path down around the village from the previous chest’s location. When you are starting to get closer to a woodland area you are on the right track. Eventually, you will be able to spot the chest waiting patiently next to a small cobblestone wall heading toward another building.

Eyeball Chest in Hogsmeade #10


As for the tenth chest, if you head into the woodland area of the village, you will be able to notice a moving dragon-shaped hedge in a park area. If you head up the stairs then you will locate the chest on the left-hand side of the balcony location. All in all, this is another chest that takes some more work than others to find.

Eyeball Chest in Hogsmeade #11


Found inside the Tomes and Scrolls shop, you can go behind the counter and walk into the bedroom. At the wall, you will notice the chest that you can go and access. It should be noted there is also another normal chest you can open in this room so it is worthwhile to just open that while you are there too.

Eyeball Chest in Hogsmeade #12


Found in what could be called the garden area of the Tomes and Scrolls shop you will notice this chest out in the open for you to get. There is a mirror-like structure closeby to the chest if you need extra guidance on acquiring it.

Eyeball Chest in Hogsmeade #13


Continue forwards from the previous chests location and you will eventually come back to the bridge area where you got the first chest, follow the path around to the right and upward. Move across to the second building next to the Potions store and you can find the chest hidden in between two parts of that building.

Eyeball Chest in Hogsmeade #14


Finally, the fourteenth chest is located in Gladrags Wizardwear store, you can get to it by entering the shop and then turning to the right after the entrance. The chest is at the back in front of a Hogwarts banner and a Gryffindor banner.

Now that you have successfully made your way to all Eye Chest locations within Hogsmeade in Hogwarts Legacy you can happily get back to completing getting your Hermione build ready if you so desire. These chests are great supplements to your in-game galleons too so it is absolutely worth hunting them out when you are exploring.

Hogwarts Legacy is available at this very moment for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

- This article was updated on February 11th, 2023