Horizon Call of the Mountain PSVR: Release Date, Trailer, and Everything We Know

Horizon Call of the Mountain will be an all-new Horizon experience!

by Gordon Bicker


Horizon Call of the Mountain was recently revealed earlier this year through the form of a trailer and people were excited at the prospect of a Horizon VR experience that would test the limits of next-gen VR tech. The Guerrilla Studio Director, Jan-Bart van Beek, discussed the project and explained some of what we can expect from the next installment in the Horizon franchise. With the launch of Horizon Forbidden West and players flocking to level up within the experience, fans will be searching for any other franchise information and this VR title will certainly be at the forefront of players’ minds who enjoy the Horizon franchise. This guide article will discuss things like any information on the Horizon Call of the Mountain release date and other details that we have learned about the next installment title.

Horizon Call of the Mountain Release Date and Trailer Details

The title is set to focus on PSVR 2 and thus there is a likelihood that the game will launch around the time of the release of PSVR2. This would therefore suggest that we could observe Horizon Call of the Mountain releasing in late 2022 near the end of the year. That will also of course give fans a chance to enjoy the hype and gloriousness of Horizon Forbidden West!

The trailer had showcased some snippets of gameplay scenes from the experience and it is clear to see that the game is wanting to make a statement on what next-gen VR means for the industry. The game is, of course, going to be set in the Horizon universe however there will be an entirely new protagonist for players to experience the game with.

Other Details About Horizon Call of the Mountain

Horizon Call of the Mountain is developed in association with the studio Firesprite who were acquired by Sony. Th game is said to be “built from the ground up” for PSVR 2 which is a great piece of information for those wondering if it may be exclusive to that particular VR equipment.

Will you be playing through Horizon Call of the Mountain when it releases?

Horizon Call of the Mountain will release in the future for PSVR 2.

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