Horizon Forbidden West: Where to Find Squirrel Hide and Bone

It's time to go squirrel hunting! Sorry, squirrel...

by Gordon Bicker


Horizon Forbidden West is the latest frontier that Horizon fans can immerse themselves within and experience everything that the game has to offer. From a compelling story to fruitful side ventures, there is something for everyone within the Forbidden West. Of course, as with any open-world game, there tends to be a lot of resources to gather and crafting to be completed. You will therefore be in no surprise that like the first installment of the franchise, Horizon Forbidden West once again has a lot of things to craft and a lot of animals and machines to hunt for their parts and resources. One particular animal that players have been looking for is the squirrel for their hide and bone. This guide article will take you through where to find Squirrels in Horizon Forbidden West.

Where To Find Squirrel Hide And Bone In Horizon Forbidden West

There is the main way to find both Squirrel Hide and bone in Horizon Forbbiden West and this is of course hunting squirrels within the land. Whenever you kill any Squirrel in Horizon Forbidden West you will either find Squirrel hide or Squirrel Bone on their carcasses once you loot them for the resources.

Of course, that part will arrive after actually finding the squirrels, which can be more difficult than it sounds due to how small and agile they are as they scuttle their way across the surrounding area. Thankfully, there is a surefire way that you will be able to find squirrels early in your playthrough once the world opens up to you more.

When you have reached ‘The Daunt’, you will be close by to ‘Chainscrape’, and around this area is ideal for Squirrel hunting. The area will also give you a chance to level up even further!


The image above showcases the area where you will be able to find a large number of squirrels on a quickly respawning basis. I have marked it with a marker (the flag icon) for your easy perusal of the map when in-game looking for them. When you make your way to this area, utilise your focus and look for squirrels moving within the area, simply fire an arrow with your bow at them to eliminate them or any other method of your choosing.

Once they have hit the deck, simply walk up to them and loot them. You will likely find either the hide or the bone of the squirrel. Run back and forth from the area to keep trying to spawn more if you are needing extra of either resource. Similar to the lizards in the game, you will likely be eliminating a few of them to find the resources you are looking for.


What Squirrel Hide and Bone Can Be Used For

There are a few things that squirrel hide and bone can be utilised for. You will need one squirrel bone for upgrading your trap pouch and two squirrel hides for upgrading your potion pouch. These are great upgrades to have as both of these pieces of equipment will be getting used by Aloy a lot and they will be beneficial to have more of at any time.

Will you be hunting squirrels in Horizon Forbidden West this month?

Horizon Forbidden West is available now on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

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