How Do You Complete the Secret of the Sands Quest in God of War Ragnarok?

Journey to free the jellyfish

by Christian Bognar

God of War Ragnarok has many side quests to keep fans busy for hours. Outside of the main story, side quests can take around an additional 25 hours to get them all complete. These are well worth the player’s time, considering there are many rewards such as Idunn Apples, Horns of Blood Mead, resources for the best armor, and more players can find along the way. One of the side quests is called Secrets of the Sands, and in this guide, we will give you a thorough walkthrough on how to get this completed and free the jellyfish!

Secret of the Sands Walkthrough

Right after speaking with Shindri at his shop, the start of the quest is going to be to the left, beyond the portal. You will see a sled of wolves, where you must hop on and control them to progress into the open snow field. Ride the sled to the marked location called The Barrens and then east of The Barrens to find the entrance to the cave.


Enter the cave and proceed into the below area. Continue forward until you see the familiar purple crystal. Use your axe and bounce it off the crystal when you have a blue line. This will destroy all of the blockages in front of you, allowing you to progress.


Continue into the next room, where you will see a bunch of purple crystals. Defeat the enemies and climb up the wall directly before the room’s entrance. Take a left and grapple to the next level, reaching the outside. Zipline down to close the gap.

You will now see blue indicators on the mountain walls, letting you know to grapple to the other side. Once on the other side, take your first right and down onto the ledge below. Here you will be able to throw your axe to destroy the blockage. Continue back where you came and grapple through where the blockage once was.


Proceed back to the cave on the other side of a large area. Defeat all the enemies in this room and proceed to a hole in the ground on the back left side.


Take your first right, and over the ledge, you will see a fire bomb, go ahead and explode it with your axe.


Now that the blockage is gone proceed down the ledge onto the lower level. Continue into the room, and you will see another blockade on the right-hand side. Aim your axe just like the image shown below to clear the path.


Jump across the gap and turn to your left, where you will see another fire bomb you need to throw your axe toward.


Backtrack to where you just shot the fire bomb, and you will see a crystal on the left-hand side, aim your axe perfectly and fire once you see the blue line. Now continue by grappling onto the next level. Turn the next crystal one time, and aim your axe just like what is shown below in the image. Then continue through this area until you reach a wall that you can climb and proceed to the top.


You will see more blockage to your left in the next room with the giant jellyfish. Move to the right just enough to see the fire bomb hidden behind it, and throw your axe at it, clearing a path for you.


Jump across the ledge and aim your axe perfectly, and when you see the blue line, throw your axe knocking out all three at once.


Now head back to where you came from, aim at the top left crystal, and throw your axe again once you see the blue line knocking out all three. This will open up the back pathway of this room, continue through it, and you’ll find a chest. Keep going and climb up the wall.


This room is simple; all you need to do is fire your axe at the blockade at the upper right-hand side, then grapple to the top. Proceed forward through the corridor until you see a grapple up above. Use your grapple.


Hop back on the sled and continue to the blue marker on your compass. Interact with the marker by pressing O and setting the jellyfish free.

Congratulations! You have completed the Secret of the Sands quest. This quest is just scratching the surface of what God of War Ragnarok has to offer. With so much enjoyable content, there is a reason why we gave it a perfect score in our review.

God of War Ragnarok is available now on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

- This article was updated on November 10th, 2022

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