How Do You Fix the Screenshot Failed Error in FFXIV?

Are you running into the screenshot failed error in Final Fantasy XIV?

by Gordon Bicker

Final Fantasy XIV players are always busy working on the best ways to utilize the Gpose feature to get the very best shots of their character, unfortunately sometimes when people just try and get a simple screenshot they could be met with a ‘Screenshot Failed’ error in the game. This can set back anyone who had found a moment that they really wanted to screenshot and then missed the window for capturing the picture. This article will take you through how to fix the Screenshot Failed Error in FFXIV.

Fixing the Screenshot Failed Error in FFXIV

In order to fix the screenshot failed error, it is commonly fixed by going into the ‘Avast’ antivirus software on your PC and/or laptop if you have it and then adding Final Fantasy XIV to the Allowed Apps for the software. The reason behind this is that Avast would likely have been blocking your screenshots from getting taken and having FFXIV to be allowed within the software will mean that the screenshots will then work as expected. Be sure to be extremely careful when allowing apps though and only allow the ffxiv_dx11.exe and ffxiv.exe apps.

If you do not use the Avast antivirus software and are still running into this issue then a surefire way to make sure everything should be working as expected is to make sure you have the game up to date with any updates that were required to be installed. Furthermore, you can also try and add Final Fantasy XIV to your ‘allowed’ list of whatever antivirus software you are using. A simple reboot of Final Fantasy XIV may also do the trick for fixing the screenshot failed error for the game.

Why Does the Screenshot Failed Error Happen in FFXIV?

The reason that this error tends to have is simply that the antivirus software thinks that FFXIV might be malicious software and is getting confused so it blocks certain aspects of it. After certain updates, some players run into this error more than usual. No matter when it happens, with some safe tweaking of antivirus software you will be back to trying to find the rarest fish in the game and catching them before you know it.

Final Fantasy XIV is available at this very moment on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 11th, 2023

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