How Do You Use the Hobo Stove in Stranded Deep?

The Hobo Stove may take some time to work out how to use it!

by Gordon Bicker

Stranded Deep has a lot of features and mechanics to understand so when new players hop onto the experience it may take some time to learn some of those features such as the Hobo Stove. While you’re learning how to get clay and other resources in the game, you may find yourself also wondering how to use a Hobo Stove. This article will take you through how to use the Hobo Stove in Stranded Deep.

Using the Hobo Stove in Stranded Deep

In order to use the Hobo Stove you will have to first craft the stove through the crafting menu, you can do this by having a regular campfire, a Barrel Scrap (found floating on the water or especially on Shipwrecks), and a fire pit. When you get the Hobo Stove prepared you can use it by physically dropping the food/meat onto the stove. After you wait a little while and you hear a few small ding sounds, you can grab the meat off the stove. If you can’t hear the sounds, just wait a few moments before taking the meat off. The buttons and keys for dropping items are as follows:

  • PlayStation – Circle button
  • Xbox – B
  • PC – Q
  • Nintendo Switch – B

Differences Between the Hobo Stove and Other ‘Cookers’ in Stranded Deep

Many players may be more familiar with the Smoker and Campfires than the Hobo Stove and the main difference is that for the Hobo Stove, you have to drop the actual type of meat/food onto the stove. Whereas with other cookers like the Smoker, you do not have to do that as you can actually slot your chosen item to cook into the structure.

All in all, you can get ready to use the Hobo Stove before your next adventure out on a raft after you worked out how to build one of those.

Stranded Deep is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 11th, 2023

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