How Long Does It Take to Beat Metroid Dread?

Samus makes her return...

by Gordon Bicker


Metroid Dread has been released and players are flocking to the series at an efficient pace. The game combines excellently crafted gameplay with an exquisite story at the same time. Samus returns to the series with an all-new slick fresh look in that gorgeous Metroid art style. Players may be wondering how long it takes to beat Metroid Dread and this guide article will offer you all the answers you need to know about the playtime required to make your way through the latest instalment.

How Long to Beat Metroid Dread

There is plenty of knowledge to be learned from the average playtime of the experience. The main story of Metroid Dread has an average main story playthrough time of 8 hours, 9 minutes from various sources. You will be controlling the bounty hunter Samus Aran, the main protagonist of the game as she explores the planet ZDR and encounters the menacing foes awaiting her.

Someone who plays through the game at a leisurely pace is more than likely to encounter runtimes close to 12 hours or over. That’s just for the main story, players who seek to complete absolutely everything the game has to offer completionist style are more than likely to spend on average 16 hours and 50 minutes completing their playthrough. Completionists will surely be happy to know that they will have a lot to discover and rightly so: complete.

How long does it take to beat as a Speedrunner?

The speedrunning community has always been a large part of the Metroid franchise and will want to understand how long it may take them to beat this experience along with the others. It has been recorded that some speedrunners have reported times around three hours on average for a speedrun attempt.

Will you be spending time this month playing through Metroid Dread?

Metroid Dread is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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