How Long Is Live A Live? Chapter List, Game Length & More

How long will it take you to make your way through these stories? Find out here!

by Shaun Cichacki


If you’re looking to start your adventure into the world of Live A Live, you’ll be treated to a one-of-a-kind gaming experience, that puts you in the shoes of many different protagonists, through many different periods. You’ll find yourself anywhere from the prehistoric days of dinosaurs, to the very distant future, where you’re nothing more than an orb with roller skates.

Featuring some of the most unique protagonists in gaming, you’ll need to complete these short stories to find out how everything pulls together in the end. Are they disjointed, or all connected in the strangest of ways? You’ll need to play through this game and find out, so let’s see how much time you may need to invest to make sure that you’re getting the most out of Live A Live!

How Long Is Live A Live? Chapter List, How Long, And More

You’ll be able to pick and choose where you would like to start, so we want to make sure that you’ve picked your favorite to start on an exciting journey through different times and spaces. There are a total of 9 chapters, with 7 being available from the start of the game, and 2 secret chapters after you have completed the main chapters.

Character Name Chapter Name In-Game Description
Caveman Contact The Stone Age. The day for a free-spirited boy and his friend Gori to come of age has arrived… In a time before spoken communication, Man possessed a keen nose indeed. Through his sense of smell, man could find any beast or avoid lurking danger.
Kung Fu Master Inheritance In ancient China, an aged martial artist lives atop a windy peak. He has begun to feel the need for a suitable successor for his technique. His disciples will train hard, but only one will come to harness their master’s power.
Ninja Secret Orders In the Bakumatsu era of Feudal Japan, the shinobi remain in the shadows even amidst the upheaval of societal change. To one such man, secret orders are given. Sneak past countless guards and traps to rescue the hostage! Can he kill 100 men?
Cowboy Wandering In a time when the West was wild and criminals were many… A haggard traveler with a price on his head wanders into Success Town, the recent target of a notorious outlaw gang. Work quickly to set traps and take down the Crazy Bunch!
Wrestler The Strongest A fierce youth has entered a global fighting tournament to experience and learn the combat styles of the world. He will see many techniques, and will use them to achieve the ultimate goal: The title of “Strongest in the World”!
Mecha Flow In the not-too-distant future lives a boy with the power to read other people’s thoughts. His teenage years are troubled and gets into many fights. And yet over his shoulder silently watches a sleeping giant, the robotic Buriki Daioh…
Robot Mechanical Heart Behold the transport ship Cogito Ergosum, en route to planet Earth. Inside, a new life form is being created. The robot created by Kato the mechanic will become intimately involved as events spiral out of control on board…

To avoid spoilers, the final two chapters have been left behind, as they contain major plot points. However, be prepared to take on a final challenge that will leave your head spinning, and you on the edge of your seat!

If you are looking to put some time aside to push through Live A Live, you will be able to complete this game in around 20 hours, while completionists may push closer to 30 hours total. You’ll be able to experience these stories in any way that you choose, so keep an eye out for the best way to start.

If you’re looking to find out more information about this originally Japanese exclusive classic, make your way over to our Live A Live Guide Section, where we will have plenty of new topics to cover!

Live A Live is available now, exclusively on Nintendo Switch

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