How Long is Sonic Frontiers? Full Game Length Explained

by J.R. Waugh
How much time can a Sonic Frontiers playthrough take?

Sonic Frontiers is out now, and it’s a lot of fun for players seeking a pure Sonic 3D experience more closely resembling the Adventure series than before. It’s full of fast-paced platforming, new combat elements, exciting bosses, and a new Open World experience to make it feel more modern than ever. As a result, it is generating quite a bit of buzz, but much like any Sonic game, is it over as quickly as it starts? Or does Sonic Frontiers have a substantial, long amount of play time promised before you’ve completed the game?

Just How Long is Sonic Frontiers?

Sonic Frontiers can take up to 15 hours to complete the main story although completing all the challenges and collectibles, and enjoying every facet the game has to offer can take 30-50 hours. This makes for a fairly dense Sonic game, and that’s without consideration for how much of the speedrunning community will take to the game’s various levels and see what personal bests they can achieve. With how difficult some of the game’s parts can be, especially with multiple difficulty options, the game might vary in length from player to player.

With how well-received the game is, despite its main drawback as the franchise’s first push into the open-world territory, fans will find plenty to enjoy about the game. You get to go reasonably fast, the game runs well, and the music is pretty killer. Realistically, the most truthful answer is that you can get countless hours out of the game if Sonic Frontiers’ formula truly speaks to you. There are red star rings, memory tokens, and plenty more to encounter in your adventures, and it’s the best a mainline Sonic game has felt in years.

Sonic Frontiers is available now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

- This article was updated on November 8th, 2022

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