How Long to Beat Hi-Fi Rush: Full Game Length Explained

Hi-Fi Rush players will be wondering how long it takes to beat.

by Gordon Bicker

Hi-Fi Rush has a lot of excellent music in its soundtrack list that keeps the rhythm flowing with impeccable beauty and some players are wondering how long they’ll be keeping that rhythm progressing based on the game’s length. Since it is a title that came out of nowhere, some ended up having to wait until they found out a little more about the game before taking the plunge. This article will take you through everything we know about how long it will take to beat Hi-Fi Rush.

Length of Hi-Fi Rush: How Long It Takes to Beat

Hi-Fi Rush will take anywhere between 9-12 hours to beat which makes sense as it is quite standard with games to reach this length at the $30 price mark. Furthermore, players have also noted that a general playthrough took them 10 hours. However, as with any game, the base run-through time will vary naturally to a great extent compared to a completionists run-through.

Since there are a lot of things to do within the world of Hi-Fi Rush, you will probably be looking closer to a 28-35 hour playthrough for completing everything that is offered in the game’s content from our estimations or even longer. Spending time with a game like this after finishing the base game’s story will always be a great thing to do so be sure to go back and complete anything that you may have not had the chance to originally.

Does Hi-Fi Rush Have Any Time-Related Trophies/Achievements?

There are not any game-time completion-related achievements although it does have achievements that are linked to timing parries. Apart from things like that, you won’t have to worry about anything focused on completion times. Speedrunning hasn’t made its way into the achievements just yet for players and the main list of achievements will likely stay the same going forwards.

There are 61 achievements in total for this game experience so a brilliant bundle to work through if you are someone who actively hunts out the achievements for games. People were also wondering if the game was on PlayStation for those who prefer hunting trophies instead.

Hi-Fi Rush is available at this very moment for Xbox Series X/S and PC.

- This article was updated on January 26th, 2023