How to Align the Frequencies in Gotham Knights

Beware of what comes next...

by Elliott Gatica


You’re finally getting to the bottom of Talia al Ghul’s plans in Arkham Asylum of all places. However, she isn’t making it easy on you, having to figure out her Lazarus Pit plans and all that. While looking around to see what she’s up to, you’re atop the tower and have to solve a puzzle without a clear method of doing so. In Gotham Knights, atop Arkham Tower, you have to “align the frequencies”, so here’s the solution.

How to Align the Frequencies in Gotham Knights

It seems easy enough that you just have to tamper with each transmitter until their individual wavelength goes green. That is not the case. Setting each device until its sound frequencies turns green won’t be enough. Even if your character says something like they got it, that isn’t it.

The middle console will show if you aligned the correct frequency but will overload and reset all other devices if put in the wrong order. What you need to do is align each device’s sound frequency to green and make them correspond to each other starting from the left all the way to the right.


In doing so, follow our screenshot so you know which device to calibrate first. This isn’t as straightforward as figuring out the Sudoku puzzle in Kane Industries. Luckily like all the other puzzles and cases in the game, you do not have a time limit or a certain amount of tries before failing.

Once you get the correct alignment, the story will progress. A new enemy listed in our easter egg piece may show up. You’re that much closer to getting to the end of the game, but there may still be things to do post-credits like getting all of the collectibles around Gotham City.

Gotham Knights is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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